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Every girl has a different preference.

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Q: How big should your penis be to satisfy a girl?
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How big should a penis be to satisfy a women?

if the girl screams when you put the penis in you know.,, it doesnt have to huge, but the bigger the better ;)

What if your penis size is 4.2 inch at 21 age is it satisfy a girl?

it's not how big it is,it's how you use it..but yes it is

How big do your penis have to be for a girl to fell it?

About 5in.

Do you neend big penis to marry a girl?

If you have a big penis and want to marry a girl it is a bonus because your girl could suck off it for ages and still want more but if you have a samell penis you can still marry a girl but not have as much fun as the dudes with big penises do. :)

What qualities do you need to work in a gym?

you need to be hench with a big penis to satisfy the ladies/men (if you are gay)

Why do girls like guys with a long penis?

The thought that girls like guys with a long penis is generally wrong. To most girls, penis size makes little to no difference. As a guy you can imagine your penis size to be about as important to a girl, as the girl's breast size is to you. Do you actually care whether a girl has a big chest or not? Most guys don't. So why should girls care whether you have a big penis or not?

How big should a males penis be to pleasure a 16 year old girl?

there really is no size...but the bigger the better =)

How big should your penis be im 5 feet?

Your height has nothing to do with penis size. Your penis should be the size that it is.

How big penis is enough for ladies to be sexually satisfied?

An expandable penis. Because if it is too big it may harm some and when it is too small it may also not satisfy some.So as it expands to your satisfaction then you are satisfied

Is 3.5 inches perfect size of 22 years old boys penis?

It is not the question of perfect. The question is why are some people are taller than others. The same goes for your penis. At 22, some may have penis as long as 7 inches. What is important here is your penis can get an erection and satisfy a woman. What is the point of having a big penis but cannot satisfy?

How do you penetrate a virgin girl if penis size is big?


How big should your sons penis be?

depends on how he is

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