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Every girl has a different preference.

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It takes more than a big penis to have good sex. If you know what you are doing, you can satisfy a woman and never use your penis.

it's not how big it is,it's how you use it..but yes it is

That depends. Are you a girl? Then no.

Yes it can. 3 inch is big enough.yep.It depends on the girl. Some girls won't care how big your penis is, but some will.i need atleast a good 7 inches soft

you need to be hench with a big penis to satisfy the ladies/men (if you are gay)

Your height has nothing to do with penis size. Your penis should be the size that it is.

A woman can be satisfied by any size of penis. If she is a caring and mature woman, size should not matter to her. This can be the downsize of sex in the media. Men (and women) grow up thinking they have to have a large penis in order to satisfy a woman. Womens adult toys are also usually larger than the average penis and she can become desensitized to a real penis that may be smaller. She may have to re-adjust if your penis is smaller than average but that does not mean satisfaction is not in order or possible. That is far from the case in fact.

it has to be at least 10 in tall

It is not the question of perfect. The question is why are some people are taller than others. The same goes for your penis. At 22, some may have penis as long as 7 inches. What is important here is your penis can get an erection and satisfy a woman. What is the point of having a big penis but cannot satisfy?

You dont have to have a huge penis to satisfy your partner. Matter of fact, if it is too big then the entire length of the penis will not go in. This will decrease your level of pleasure. Also, it can rip your partners vagina or anus if the girth is too large. Also, if you have a big penis, you have bigger, more noticable erections. This may be embarrasing for most.

The thought that girls like guys with a long penis is generally wrong. To most girls, penis size makes little to no difference. As a guy you can imagine your penis size to be about as important to a girl, as the girl's breast size is to you. Do you actually care whether a girl has a big chest or not? Most guys don't. So why should girls care whether you have a big penis or not?

Your height has absolutly nothing to do with your penis size.

It depends on the size of your vaginal opening. If it is small, then you wouldn't want his penis being too big that it hurts, but you would want it big enough to be able to feel it. If you have a large opening (eg. you have used extra large tampons) then a big penis is very pleasing! =) To tell you the truth its not the size of the penis that really counts its how well you can use it and how much you are willing to satisfy your lady. If you are just there to satisfy yourself then she won't get much pleasure from it as it takes most woman at least 15 to 20 minutes foreplay to get to the point of sexual penetration. Just always remember to make sure your lady is satisfied and she'll give you the best sex.

No relation. You and the girl will only gain enjoyment and pleasure.

About 6-7 inches is quite big but I dunno I'm a girl

It depends what he does with it. A penis should not hurt just because it is big. If you ask him to be gentle with you during sex then he should consider your feelings.

7 inch very good for me

There is no definite length for a penis, they come in all shapes and sizes.

y not! even the average and adequate size to satisfy a woman is 6". k. don't worry be ahppy and let your penis enjoy.

'Pennies' are one cent coins.You are asking about the size and girth of a penis, and basically 'How big' does a man have to be to satisfy a woman. Most women will say, size and girth don't matter-- what matters is foreplay, touch, holding, kissing, and respect and love. In fact, if the size and girth are 'too big', it can actually hurt.

You should not worry, as a baby can come from her vagina, it will expand for your whole penis.

No.This is bcos it can hurt the girl.

Yes it can hurt her if put it in to far

Well A girls Virgina is most sensitive the first few inches so a penis can be a 4 inches and still please a girl. -Try asking a guy with a small penis-