How big will a rat terrier and chihuahua mix get?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: How big will a rat terrier and chihuahua mix get?
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How big does rat terrier chihuahua get?

it all depends on the genetics; the dog can pick up more genetics from one breed than the other. it is said that a rat-cha can get up to 3 times the size of a standard chihuahua; but it will also be smaller than a standard rat terrier which isn't very big. under 15lbs sounds about right. i have a rat-cha myself, and she is 3/4 chihuahua and 1/4 rat terrier. she weighs 5lbs as an adult but she has more chihuahua in her than rat terrier, so that will matter too.

What is the best breed of dog to mate a chihuahua with?

another chihuahua or a rat terrier (full blooded) rat terrier only.

What my rat terrier is pregnant and a snouser is the dad will my chihuahua be ok?

I don't see how it concerns the chihuahua

What would you call a rat terrier and border collie mix?

a border terrier. i think. or a rat collie!

Why was a Boston Terrier and a American Rat Terrier Bred together?

They were'NT bred together. tHe Boston Terrier is a mix of a English Bulldog and A White Terrier. Not a Rat Terrier.

Can a 8 month old rat terrier get a 2 year old apple head Chihuahua pregnant?

No because the Rat Terrier is to little. It is without forces still.

What are some common Jack Russell crosses?

Jack Russells are a very good dog to mix breed. That is why there are many crosses between other breeds and Jack Russell Terriers. Some common mixes include: Westie/ Jack Russell Jack Russell/ Fox Terrier Mix Jack Russell/ Maltese Mix Jack Russell/ Australian Shepherd Mix Jack Russell/ Dalmatian Mix Jackapoo - Jack Russell Poodle Mix Jackabee - Beagle Jack Russell Australian Terrier/ Jack Russell Terrier Mix Jack Chi - Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix Jack Rat Terrier - Jack Russell Rat Terrier Mix Jack Russell Boston Terrier Mix Shih Tzu Jack Russell Terrier Mix

How big do Rat Terrier and Shih Tzu Mix grow?

My Shih tzu / Rat terrier mix, Jackson, weighed between 12 & 13 lbs. In his prime. He had long legs like the Rat terrier. Broken coated hair grew much slower than Shih tzu. Best dog ever. I loved my little Jackson Boy!

What is a pug rat terrier?

It is a mix breed of Pug and Rat Terrier I have one and she is the sweetes thing!They have also proven to have less health problems then a puggle.

How can you tell if your dog is a rat terrier or a chihuahua or both?

My suggestion is to take a DNA test at the vet to be sure.

What is the difference between a jack Russel terrier and a rat terrier?

Well... I have a Rat terrier and a Rat terrier is a Mix between a Jack Russell and a Fox Terrier, RT have longer legs than those of Jack R. but they have the same "body type". Jack R.s have a stuby tale and Rat T.s do not. Rat terriers are their own breed, not a mix. They are taller and leaner than Jack Russels, and have an "off switch". Most rat terriers do have docked tails, although there are some with long tails.

What states do rat terriers come from?

I have 2 beautiful miniature black rat terriers that I found in two different animal shelters in Calif. One came from a Northern CA shelter, the other from a Southern/Central Calif. shelter. One was described as a chihuahua mix, the other a purebred chihuahua. Neither has much chihuahua, and are clearly rat terrier. I think rat terriers come from all states, but probably are more prevalent in those states with ranches or farms.