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How big will your female teddy bear hamster grow?


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They tend to grow to about 13 to 18 cm (5 to 7 inches) in length. They would fit nicely in a adult's hand.


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Your teddy bear hamster can get very fat if you feed him too much.

In winter my hamster mr.Tinkles would grow long long fur. And when it was getting warmmer he was loosing it. He was a Teddy Bear hamster so im not sure if panda's and Short furred are like that.... I will have to wait ecause I recently got a panda bear and 2 teddy bears

It depends on what kind of hamster.. for example, there's a big difference between robo hamsters and teddy bear hamsters.

Syrian hamsters are larger and grow up to 18cm-20cm. Dwarf hamsters are much smaller and grow up to 10/12cm. The Russian dwarfs have a dark stripe down their back. And, Russians also live in packs unlike the Syrian teddy bear hamsters that only live solitary because they are territorial. Teddy(s) are also a lot more docile in my opinion, and are not as quick as Russians. Some Russian dwarfs come in other colors as well, like white. Also remember that there is no such thing as a "teddy bear hamster", that is a nickname for a syrian hamster. basically a syrian (teddy bear) hamster is like twice the size of a dwarf and they must always live on their own, unlike dwarfs which can live in pairs or groups

On average, teddy bear hamsters grow to be 4-5 inches in length.

about 1 month it, but it's not the same for all teddy bear hamsters

The best hamsters irecommend are the Syrian hamster, the teddy bear hamsters, or the winter white hamsters. the Syrian hamster is a large hamster usually growing 4 to 5 inches. They are great first hamsters. the teddy hamsters are often furry and similar to the Syrian but grow to 3 to 5 inches. The winter white hamsters and playful fun and easygoing and grow 3 to 5 inches.

Little turds taste good.

Not all Teddy Bear Hamsters have red eyes. Most have black eyes, grow to be about five inches long, and will bite if not cared for gently. Teddy Bear Hamsters have a light brown or gold coat, and prefer to live alone.

Well...the truth is people have different point of view in hamsters some like teddy beatr have but some don't........I( can't really say which one is not a good pick but I can tell u alittle about them...........Teddy bear hamsters- Live for 2-3 years if they are healthy they grow about 10-15cm maybe (I have one at home)different kind of them they can have long fur or short......colours they have brown and white, black and white, black,browm white,carmel and white, peach or mixedDawrf hamsters- Live for about 1-2 years if they are very healthy may live longer grow about 5-8cm maybe. There colours black, brown, white, mixedBlack bear hamster- they are like teddy bear hamsters but they don't long fur as long as teddy bear hamster Grow about 5-12cm maybe there only colour is black.Chinse hamsters- Same as and black bear, they grow about 9-14cm MAYBE colours they can have carmel, blond, white or sometimes mixed.Winter White hamsters - Live for 1-2 years they grow about 8-10cm maybethey colours are white and peach or just white.

An average Panda Bear usually grow to weight 200-300 pounds. Depending on if it is a female or male. And grow 75 cm tall.

An average Panda Bear usually grow to weight 200-300 pounds. Depending on if it is a female or male. And grow 75 cm tall.

it will grow but not as big as a regular sized hamster.

All hamsters are different and have different attitudes. Hamsters are very cute and friendly , if you would like a big hamster , I would go with the teddy bear or panda bear hamster since they are pretty fluffy , live for quite a while and they can grow much bigger than a regular hamster. Teddy bear hamsters are very friendly and smart , that was my first breed I hamster and I loved him. If you want one just the right size , get the regular hamster , which is like the teddy bear one but not as fluffy , still very soft though :) If your still looking for the friendly side of hamsters and you want something not to big , very small and friendly , go for the robo hamster ! I just bought myself a robo hamster yesterday. Robo hamsters are very small , they just LOVE to run around on a wheel ! It's pretty halarious to watch them flip over and get back on! :) they are SO cute :) but if you want to play with them , they don't stay in your hand too long , but once you tame them , they get to be a wonderful pet :) they are very energetic :) For something more on the aggressive side , the dwarf hamster is a good choice. They are pretty fast and a bit bigger and similar to re robo hamster. The dwarf hamster can bite and you may not like that , but once they get to know you , it may not happen often. Hope this helps you with your choice of breed. good luck :)

about big will a dwarf hamster grow about big will a dwarf hamster grow about big will a dwarf hamster grow

Guinea pigs get to be 12 inches long (1 foot). Sources: My awesomeness

Yes, but they do not get very large when fully grown. Please access the related link for more info:

The most popular breeds of hamsters are dwarfs, Chinese, and Teddy Bear (Syrian)/Golden) hamsters. I wouldn't be able to tell what breed of hamster you have without seeing it. But I can give a description of each one. There are many types of dwarf hamsters including the Campbell's Dwarf Hamster, Russian Dwarf Hamster and Roborovski Hamster. They are the smallest of the hamsters with the Robo(rovski) measuring just 2 inches when fully grown, their colors range from white to dark gray and often have a darker dorsal stripe. The Chinese hamster compared to other hamsters has a longer tail (around 2cm) and a thinner longer body, their natural coat is browny grey with a dorsal stripe but other color variations are available. Finally the Syrian hamster is much bigger than Chinese and Dwarves and their coat is commonly a 'golden' brown. They can grow to around 7 inches when fully mature. The picture above is of a Syrian hamster.

It only takes a few months for a hamster to grow to full adult size.

Syrian hamsters grow the biggest. They are also called teddy bear hamsters, panda bears, black bears, and others but these are just fancy names for the syrian.

when a hamster is a baby they mostly are active but as the week passes she/he will go to bed for a while that's when they grow hamsters usually grow in there sleep

A female hamster has up to 16 nipples to feed their young. and a male hamster their testicles are visible. Outwardly, male and female hamsters look pretty much the same, since their genitals are kept inside. The males will grow testes, but often, they don't descend until after they have been fertile for a while.

Well, you probably got her at a pet store that housed both male and female hamsters together, and usually when you buy a hamster from a place like this, a female hamster is usually pregnant. So remember that next time you buy a hamster, purchase one at your local Petco, I have bought 3 hamsters from there and none of them have ended up pregnant. If your hamster is pregnant and has babies NEVER clean out the cage or touch them until they grow fur. Touching them can make their mother no longer want to care for them anymore. Good luck!!!

well, the robo hamster species can grow up to 4 inches

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