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How can I catch mew deoxys jirachi lugia and ho-oh on Pokemon fire red I want the whole process?



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This is how you do it.

1. first restart your game

2. then get up to verm city

3. trade with a friend who has cut

4. he gives you a Pokemon who knows cut

5. ok beat Lt.Surge

6. don't go into the ss anne because you already have cut

7. ok get all the way up to fushia city and get surf from the safari zone

8.then go back to verm city

9.go up the captain and show him the anne ticket for the first time

10. then get close to the ship but don't go in!!!!!!!

11. make sure you have a golem or another who knows strength

12.ok turn right of the ship and use surf till you get up to a bridge

13. get off your surfing Pokemon and walk up the bridge

14.you should see a truck that looks a little like the one in ruby and emerald ( no offense sapphire)

15. use strength at the front of the ship, it will move and mew will be under it

16. click on him and battle it, AND CATCH IT!!!!!!!!.

17. But if you cant be bothered doing that then spend about 2 and a half hours looking for mew ( it actually WORKS!)

also if you have any questions or you didnt understand any thing. if you have any questions or you didnt understand any thing then email me at REDACTED PERSONAL INFORMATION.