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You must find the X-Naut's base. Just continue to go right until you find it. You almost can't miss it.

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When did Evert Koops die?

Evert Koops died in 1938.

When was Evert Koops born?

Evert Koops was born in 1885.

When did Roelof Koops die?

Roelof Koops died on 2008-06-07.

When was Roelof Koops born?

Roelof Koops was born on 1909-07-19.

When was Steven Koops born?

Steven Koops was born on 1978-07-24.

How do you hit both swiches simultaneously on paper Mario for the GameCube?

EZ! Stand beside one switch, face away from it, press and hold x with koops. he'll be spinning at a distanse from the switch. While still holding x, go to the other switch, If you let go of x, koops will rocket into the switch, so time it so he will hit one switch the same time you jump on the other one. It might take a few tries, but you'll get it.

When was Bert Koops born?

Bert Koops was born on July 25, 1941, in The Hague, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands.

How do you get into the jail cell in hooktails castle?

get koops hold him move and let go of the button and go in find the black key and give it to the chest

In Kirby air ride for GameCube how do you get off your machine?

Pull and hold the joystick back, and hold A.

How do you delete memory from a Nintendo GameCube memory card?

Hold the A button as you power on the gamecube. This will bring you to a menu where you can select memory options.

Where are free GameCube controllers?

There is no such thing as a free retail GameCube controller. However, if you have a friend or family member with one, ask him/her if you can borrow/have it - that's how you get a free GameCube controller.

How do you get to the battle with Hooktail in Paper Mario The Thousand Year Door on Gamecube?

First you find the red sound effects badge and select it. This is his weeknes. Now get your most powerful partner (Koops is who I would sugest).Then just use your most powerful attaks and evenculy he will die.

What has the author Roger Wayne Koops written?

Roger Wayne Koops has written: 'Synthetic investigations of some alkenylcobaloximes with N-bromoacetamide' -- subject(s): Vitamin B12, Organocobalt compounds, Corrinoids, Synthesis

Is the Gamecube old?

If by old you meen the newest thing out. Then yes. There are no new gamecube games coming out. All the attention has been shifted onto the Nintendo Wii.

Does GameCube have online play?

yes it does! go to this website to buy an online thing for gamecube scroll down

How do you bunt in MVP baseball 2005 for the GameCube?

You hold The Bat In Front Of you hen U Bunt it

What nicknames does Courtney Kupets go by?

Courtney Kupets goes by Koops, and Courtenay.

Can you use the GameCube action replay on the Wii if I want to play GameCube games on the Wii?

one thing is that you are able to play gamecube games on the wii because i played Mario Sunshine and i just think that you are going to have to search on GOOGLE for that one

Is there a USB port on a GameCube?

No not for flash drives but you can put a memory card adapterwhich can hold a sd card

How to flutter jump with Yoshi mario sunshine GameCube?

Jump by pressing the A button then hold down A to do the flutter jump.

How much does a GameCube SP cost?

I dont know! I've been wondering the same thing.

Can you get a car on Animal Crossing for GameCube?

There is only one car in the game, and the only thing you can do with it is washing it.

Is 507 blocks enough for Super Mario Sunshine GameCube?

Yes, Super Mario Sunshine uses 7 blocks of save data. 507 blocks is enough to hold that and a number of other GameCube games.

Can you play Naruto clash of ninja revolution on the GameCube?

no but you can use a gamecube controller no but you can use a gamecube controller no but you can use a gamecube controller no but you can use a gamecube controller

Is there such a thing as a usb gamecube game channel for the wii?

Yes. I've done it. Well, actually, there just modded versions of wii wads that boot gamecube games instead of wii games.