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some carpet cleaners use a thermo fogger which sprays a fine mist of chemical that is used in smoke or fire damage then get a good quality stain blocker like kilts to paint the walls. Sometimes the drywall in the apartment does not seal off one apartment from the other. If you cannot move, then sealing off the connecting wall may help. Do a nice job of caulking spaces between the wall and the floor with latex caulk--it is cheap. Also, you can leave small bowls of white vinegar out to absorb the smoke odor. Moping with white vinegar can also eliminate odors.

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Stop smoking in it! And use Vamoose 1808T, there's nothing else like it.

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Gum Mint Soap

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We don't "do" brand names here... I would recommend joining a cigar forum online to share cigar information.

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Check with the neighbors

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To get the new smell out of vinyl fabric add baking soda to the wash water. Hot water by itself will also help eliminate the smell.

How do you detect mold smell in apartment?

If you can't detect any visible mold, they could be hidden inside or behind the walls or under the carpet. To eliminate mold smell, you need to first get rid of the source, i.e. the mold. Find where the mold is and remove it. Identify the problem areas and fix the moisture source, leakages to prevent future occurrences.

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