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The best way to figure your car payments is to first call your insurance agent with the kind of car your thinking of getting to see roughly how much those payments will be and the car dealer will tell you what your car payments will be and just add the two together and see if it fits your budget.

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Q: How can I estimate my car payments using a traditional calculator?
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Using an auto loans calculator is a convenient way to make sure you are getting the best deal on your auto loan. These calculators, which are easy to find online, compute your monthly loan payment and show what portion of it covers interest and other charges and what portion of it covers principal. An auto loans calculator is especially helpful when deciding whether you can afford the payments on the car you are considering, and it also helps you decide whether you are better off buying or leasing. Most every auto loans calculator is free of charge as they are available on auto loan or personal finance related websites. It is even possible to find free or very low cost iPhone or Android apps that serve as an auto loans calculator. Usually, all you need to input is the cost of the car, the number of monthly payments, and the interest rate, and the results are obtained very quickly. It is best to check all auto loan offers with an auto loans calculator before making your decision.

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