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Check out the local horse publication in the area, or contact the miniture horse association in the area (a simple google search should do the trick)

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were should you find a horse?

If you're looking to buy a horse you can look at horse classified pages online or horse shows.

Where can you find a miniature giraffe?

In miniature Africa.

How does a miniature horse protect itself from predators?

It tries find its mother ha ya egg chicken dinouser superman

Where can I find a horse for sale in Medford Oregon?

Equine Now is a good resource for horses for sale

Where can you find figure eight buckles for model horses?

RIO RONDO would probably be your best resource. They have EVERYTHING miniature for Model Horse tack

Where can you find cacti in Oregon?

You can find cacti in Oregon from the Oregon Cactus & Succulent Society (OCSS).

Where can one find miniature perfume bottle for sale?

There are many places where one can find miniature perfume bottles for sale. One place where someone can buy a miniature perfume bottle is at The Bay.

Where do you find a beach you can ride your horse on?

I used to live in oregon, and there are places around there you can rent horses and ride them on the beach, around newport, or and florence, or.

Where can information about miniature schnauzers be found?

There are many places online to find information about miniature schnauzers. Try websites like Wikipedia, dogbreedinfo, and the Miniature Schnauzer Club of Canada.

Where are miniature horses most commonly found?

Miniature horses used to be a rare sight. They have become so popular that you can find them virtually everywhere. People that don't have room for a lot a big horses are finding minis fill the horse-void in their lives without needing huge chunks of land.

What are some really fun online virtual horse games that do not need signing in and have stuff like virtual horse shows?

you can find some really cool games on, and, and

Where can you find a horse?

You can find a horse just about anywhere

Where can you find a saddlebred horse?

where can you find the saddlebred horse

Does a Miniature schnauzer shed?

No, a miniature schnauzer is a dog that does not cast. I have one myself and find a few but nothing compared to a dog that casts.

Where can you find out about Homestead Declaration for Oregon?

The best site to find answers to Homestead Declaration for Oregon is at

Where can you find a free horse racing betting game?

If you have an ipod touch or iphone go to the app store and type in virtual horse racing and it shows a computer graphic horse head and there are 2 of them and they are the same but one is free and the other one costs.

Do they have Breyer model horse shows is in Chicago Illinois?

Chicagoland has an active model horse community. You can find regular shows at Great Lakes Congress is a not-for-profit organization created to teach youth about horses and horsemanship, using model horses. The organization hosts regular youth-only shows, model horse shows for all ages, and has an active adult collector membership. You can also find Great Lakes Congress on Facebook. The Show for the Cure ( is an annual model horse show that is also a cancer benefit. This show is held each spring. Bentley Sales Company is a Breyer mail-order dealer, located in the Chicago area. You can find out more about model horses in general by joining the Haynet on

Where can you find a good attorney in the state of Oregon?

The Oregon Department of Justice is the main legal branch of Oregon Government. this is the best available option one can have to find the attorney.

Where do i find an oregon attorney?

You can find an attorney in Oregon online at many websites. One such websites that give a comphrehensive listing is

Is the movie 2016 shown in Oregon?

Cant find it in oregon, wash, or montana

How do you find out if a miniature dachshund is healthy before purchase?

To find out if the animal is healthy, bring it to a veterinarian.

Where can I find reviews on daycares located in Portland Oregon?

You can go to to find reviews on daycares located in Portland Oregon.

How can you find the history of your horse?

It is not difficult to find the history of your horse. But your horse must be registered to find it. If in fact your horse is registered, you can look up your horse's pedigree on the internet. But if you horse is not registered, I am sorry but I do not know how to help you.

What is the average price for a miniature rabbit?

You can find them for 50 on craigs list.

Why are Falabellas so small?

Falabella's are so small because humans selectively bred them to be that small. Breeders chose the smallest breeding stock they could find and bred them to create a very small miniature horse breed.