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Usually the paid up certificate has the policy details on it and therefore the insurance company will be able to search their records to find the policy. If there is no policy details on the certificate it is still worth contacting the insurer as surely the certificate will have some sort of reference the insurer can use to locate the policy

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Q: How can I find out about paid up insurance policies when I only have the paid up notice and do not have the policy?
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How do you collect on old insurance policy?

There are many different kinds of insurance policies. Read the policy and find out what the terms of the policy are.

How do you find out if you have a life insurance policy?

One way to find a lost or missing life insurance policy is with the help of The Center for Life Insurance Disputes. They can help you locate policies that have been lost or forgotten about.

Where can one find information about I Select insurance policies?

Information about Select insurance policies can be found at Direct Line. They have a website where you can download the current insurance policies. Tesco bank have an insurance policy booklet with key information. It can be downloaded from their website.

Is mold in basement after flood covered by insurance?

Not all insurance policies are the same. The way to find out what your policy covers is to read the policy. It will tell exactly what coverage you have.

How do you find insurance policies illegally taken out on insured who is still living?

You don't. Insurance policy information is non-public.

How do you find a relatives missing insurance policy?

If you know the company you can call them and they will have a copy.AnswerIf the missing policy is a life insurance policy, you should contact The Center for Life Insurance Disputes. They can help you locate missing policies.

Where can one find a life insurance policy?

Life Insurance policies can be found online or at a local insurance agent. Life insurance policies are available on most insurance websites AAA, AARP, and Geico just to name a few.

Where do you find a lost life insurance policy?

There are various websites that you can submit information on to locate old policies or missing policies. An excellent resource is The Center for Life Insurance Disputes.

What disadvantages are there to whole life insurance policies?

That basically the policy's are not disclosed to the owner of the policy. Also, that they are not as flexible as other insurance policies. If you run into a financial failure you have to find a way to use your own ways to come up with money.

Which insurance companies offer 6 month policies?

AnswerMost insurance companies offer them. However, there is no real advantage to them over the 12 month policy as you are able to change insurance policies at any time during the 12 month policy period, if you find a better rate.

What is incontestability clause in life insurance policies?

You can find this by looking at the "Incontestable Clause" in your life insurance policy. The "Incontestable Clause" states that after the life insurance policy is in force for two years, the insurance company cannot void it because of misrepresentation or concealment by the insured in obtaining the policy.

Is there an insurance policy in my name?

There could be, call the insurance company to find out. The best way to determine if there is a policy in your name is to check the mail for your insurance bill. Most policies require premium which is paid to keep the policy going. Chances are slim, but if haven't seen a bill for a policy, you may not have one.