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You should contact different car insurance companies before purchasing a policy. You can find more information online and it helps to ask questions before buying.

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Q: How can I find out about purchasing car insurance?
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Where can I find information about purchasing car insurance in Connecticut? will have rate information in CT.

What are the benefits of purchasing direct car insurance?

Yes, there may be benefits to purchasing car insurance directly from an insurer over the internet. Geico is a large internet insurer who provides car insurance at a discount.

What are the advantages of purchasing car insurance over the internet?

There are several advantages to purchasing car insurance over the internet. Purchasing car insurance over the internet, a person can compare the rates with other car insurances. Also, a person can see the value before making a purchase, and take all the time they needed.

When purchasing a new car at a dealership what should a person do regarding immediate insurance on that vehicle and on their non trade-in car that they drove there?

Typically your current car insurance will cover a new (at least new to you) car for several days. Contact your insurance agent to find out what they cover.

How long do you have to get auto insurance after purchasing a car?

You must have auto insurance before you drive the car off the dealer's lot.

Where can I get classic car insurance in Georgia?

You can find Classic Car Insurance at First National Car Insurance Group, Geico and of course you can find Classic Car Insurance from Haggerty Classic Car Insurance.

What are some car insurance purchasing tips?

The following are some car insurance purchasing tips; Compare the car insurances online, preparation of information necessary such as model, year, vehicle identification number and the zip code.

When leasing a car is the annual insurance included in the lease cost of the car.?

No, insurance is always the burdern of the car owner, not the dealership. When leasing or purchasing a car, the person acquiring the vehicle is legally responsible for acquiring car insurance.

When purchasing auto insurance for your car how many quotes should one get?

When purchasing auto insurance for a car it is important to get as many quotes as you can. It is because one would want to compare the prices to get the best deal.

What are the benefits of purchasing car hire insurance?

When hiring a car, one is generally responsible for damage inflicted on the hired car, for example in accidents. Purchasing a car hire insurance offers protection from claims resulting from damages that are not covered in the normal hiring contract.

Where can one find information about car insurance in Chicago?

One can find information about car insurance in Chicago on websites such as "Progressive", "United Car Insurance", "AllState Insurance", "Lincoln Insurance" or "Abacus Insurance".

Where do you find car insurance online?

You can find great car insurance on most of the major car insurance website. First start with progressive and move on.

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