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call they helped me.

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Q: How can I get a custom label on a candle?
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Where can one get a custom label?

Custom labels can be purchased from a number of stores, especially ones online. One of the most reliable websites for buying custom labels from is the appropriately titled Custom Label.

Where can I have a Custom Adhesive Label made?

You can make your own custom labels with software from Avery. When you buy Avery labels you can download the software and design a custom label for your business.

where can I buy the custom candle boxes in the USA?

Here you can get custom candle boxes of your desired designs, colors and size. Moreover you can get free shipping all over the USA. Visit: halfpricepackaging .com/candle-boxes.php

Are there any candles with custom labels?

Candle Consultants, Inc. offer private label candles available in many different scents with your logo and company name. Check out their website at:

What is the best quality of custom candle boxes?

My point of view Material is the main part of the of any boxes the best quality material maybe your custom candle box will be hit in the market. So I will recommend the good quality material to make custom candle boxes and other boxes.Fast Custom Boxes provides all type of boxes like perfum,candle, cosmetic etc.

What are some idea for candle wedding favors?

There are many ideas for candle wedding favors. Examples of ideas for candle wedding favors includes custom candles, beautiful candle holders, and small candle sticks.

How to make a candle clock?

To make a candle clock you need a Jar, a sharpy, a candle (a piller candle), and a lighter, now label the jar with diffrent time rates you can so this bye waiting for a certain time on a clock and make a labled line on every fifteen minutes label them from 12:00-12:00 and put the candle in the jar light it and there you are with a candle clock!

Which program makes detailed custom cd labels?

Make custom CD labels with Arcsoft DVD label maker, Neato label maker or jewel maker DVD label maker. There are other label making programs available if these are not sufficient for your needs.

Where can one purchase custom label printing?

Many companies offer custom printing services for labels and other products. Some companies to try include VistaPrint, Frontier Label, TheCustomBoxes and Lightning Labels.

How do you get custom label on cigars for grandpa's birthday?

there are different companies that will put on special labels for you.

Where can I get custom candle labels?

Here's a company that will sell you custom printed candle labels: A google search for "custom candle labels" reurned several companies that will print your labels for you and mail them to your home. I'm hesitant to recommend one site over another, as I'm not familiar enough with them to chose one as the best, but you certainly will have numerous options available and can pick the one that best serves your need.

How can you reuse baby food jars?

Paint jarsBeads and Glitter holdersTake off the label and make a candle holder.

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