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One can get directions to the Copley Plaza by , looking in a phone book, buying a map , asking family or friends. One can also use the websites, maps, yahoomaps, and googlemaps.

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Q: How can I get directions to the Copley Plaza Hotel?
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When was The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel created?

The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel was created in 1996.

When was Copley Plaza created?

Copley Plaza was created in 1912.

What are the luxury hotels in Boston?

There are a number of luxury hotels in the Boston area including the following: the Copley Plaza Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel, and Copley Marriot Hotel in the back bay.

What is the contact information of The Fairmont Copley Plaza Boston?

The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel in Boston can be contacted by calling 1-800-257-7544. Someone may also contact them through their website and submit a question.

What is the address of the Fairmont Copley Plaza Boston?

The Fairmont Copley Plaza Boston's address is 138 St. James Avenue, Boston Massachusetts, 02116. It is a 4 star hotel that lies along the Back Bay Station transit.

When was Copley Square Hotel created?

Copley Square Hotel was created in 1891.

What building can be found on Copley Square in Boston?

The Old South Church, Trinity Church, Boston Public Library, The Fairmont Copley Plaza Hotel, The John Hancock Tower and The Bostix Kiosk are buildings that can be found on Copley Square in Boston.

where can i find a cheap boston hotel?

The Copley Plaza Hotel is a beautiful, elegant hotel located smack in the middle of Boston, with easy access to just about everything. The hotel is now owned and operated by Fairmont Hotels. Check out the details at

When was Plaza Hotel created?

Plaza Hotel was created in 1907.

Is the Tipton Hotel from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody real?

No, it is a fictional hotel created for the series. However, the hotel may remind you of the Hilton hotel chain. London Tipton is supposed to be Paris Hilton, inheritor of the Hilton Hotel Chain (Tipton Hotel Chain) Although the Tipton is a fictional hotel chain, the hotel is given an address and location at Copley Square at 138 St James Avenue. The hotel at that location is the very real Fairmont Copley Plaza.

When was the Fairmont Plaza built?

In 1912 the Fairmont Copley Plaza hotel erected on the site of the former Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Recognized as one of the foremost historic hotels, it has hosted the after prom dance for Harvard and Yale for years.

Where is the Copley Square Hotel located?

The Copley Square Hotel is located in Dallas, Texas, Dallas, Texas is the home of the Copley Square Hotel which has a conglomerate of hotels of the same name throughout the city as attuned to most lodgings that are discounted.

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