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How can I master a trance song in FL Studio and how can I EQ?


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December 07, 2012 2:15AM

Mastering in fl studio for me is really 3 simple steps

1. eq: basically an eq is like a complex volume slider for the whole song, but it increases and decreases the volume in different frequencies. so if i wanted more kick in my kick drum i would raise some of the lower end frequencies and lower some of the middle frequencies to balance it out.

2. Maximus: maximus is a mastering plugin in fl studio that lets you edit the frequencies in separate such as volume and cutoff etc. it is probably the most important part of the mastering process.

3. Sausage Fattner: i like to finish off with a little plugin called sausage fattner. it is by far my favorite plugin and is easy even for an amatuer to use

You can find it here: