How can I put away your abuser for life?

Updated: 12/24/2022
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YouÊ may not be able to put your abuser away for life.Ê You do need to protecct yourself and file the appropiate police reports, to be sure that charges are being filed and he or she can face prosecution for the acts of abuse.

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Q: How can I put away your abuser for life?
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Will my boyfriend be an abuser if he yells at his mom?

Answer:The Boyfriend might become an abuser, but in the long run he will learn from his mistakes and i believe no, he will not become an abuser, if you feel like your being abused walk away =3

Can you leave the country to get away from your abuser with your child?

Yes its very legal some of my friends and there mums have ran away

How do you put your gun away in half life?


How does a narissistic nental abuser twist things so people think the victim is the abuser?

They do it very skilfully. It means that they must be able to know how to put on a convincing act.

How does a previous abuser respond when they realize you have gotten on with your life and are now happy without them?

Depends on the abuser - but most of them become furious. They can't countenance your newly found autonomy, freedom, and independence. They refuse to believe that there is life after them!

What should an abuse victim do if they feel their abuser will just make their life even worse if they attempt to leave?

Don't give up hon! There is help out there for you. I volunteer for a Women's Abuse Center, and when your abuser is at work, you leave with just a few things and go to the Abused Women's Center. They will ask you questions (don't be ashamed and don't be afraid to let it all hang out ... that's what the kleenex on the counselor's desk is for.) They will put you through a process right away and you will NOT go back to your abuser, but be put in a "Safe House" or "Transition House." There you will receive counseling, help in courts, and programs to take so you can better understand abuse and learn new tools to deal with leaving your abuser and not picking another abusive mate. Shoot for the stars girl! You're worth it! Good luck Marcy

How would abuser react to you dumping him after he lied about having a heart attack?

He'll react like the abuser he is. You've allowed his abusive behavior on you, and he'll respond to you as he always does. Do you think that by leaving him that he'll just goes away? You're whistling in the dark. The only way to dump him is to put a barrier between the two of you - a person or distance. WHY CARE the key thing is an abuser... do you really want that type of a relationship? gotta take care of your self first.

Can an abuser easily forget his ex girlfriend who broke up with him?

Once the abuser realizes he does not have control of her, eventually he will give up and move on. Sounds to me as if he needs to seek help. Stay away from him. Don't answer phone calls. If he keeps bothering you, press charges against him. But no, the abuser will not "easily forget" about the ex-girlfriend.

Is it normal for someone who has read abuse books and finally figured out the abuser to approach subsequent arguments with a mentality of 'I've figured you out so I'm not taking anymore crap from you'?

It's normal to want to react to the abuser but it isn't necessarily safe. Just get out of there and don't look back. Stay away from the abuser and don't give him a chance to harm you. Don't let him know where you are. Protect your life by going somewhere that he can't get to you. If you become defiant you are likely to get hurt. Just run.

The power relationship between the abuser and the victim?

The victim has no power or they would not be abused. The abuser always has the control. Children and the elderly are victimized often in society as well as men and women. The abuser will start out by abusing psychologically and 'put down' their victim until they leave their victim confused with no self confidence. The abuser may threaten to leave their victim (this is terrifying to the elderly); leave the wife and take the children; talk of killing the victim or anyone that is close to them. The abuser often isolates their victim so their victim has no family or friends to turn too and they have to suffer in silence and depend on their abuser.

Is assault common after the abuser probabtion ends?

If you ask this question, its because you are worried, if you are worried, its because you KNOW its going to happen again. GET AWAY from the ABUSER, is the ONLY answer, go find yourself a GREAT guy that would NEVER hit you.

Was David Pelzer a child abuser?

No he is not a child abuser.