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There are several online do-it-yourselve guides to help you repair your outdoor furniture set yourselve- this might be a cheaper option. However, you could also take it to Sears or Home Depot to see if they will help as well.

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Q: How can I repair my outdoor furniture set?
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Do you know where I can buy an outdoor furniture dining set?

You can buy an outdoor furniture dining set at,,and

Where can I buy an outdoor furniture set?

There are plenty of places available to purchase outdoor furniture. You may go to the usual home and garden places, such as Home Depot or Lowes. Also most furniture stores will also carry outdoor furniture.

Where can I find outdoor furniture with a contemporary design?

You can find outdoor furniture at Levitz. As I mentioned a lot, Levitz has a great selection of furniture- outdoor or indoors. You can ask the employs and they will help you find a set that will match your taste.

Do you know where I can get a modern outdoor dining set?

You can get a modern outdoor dining set at levitz. Levitz has a huge selection of furniture; indoors or outdoors. Its not too expensive there, and the furniture they have there is up to date.

Where can I buy a metal outdoor furniture set online?

Outdoor metal furniture sets can be found and purchased online at outdoor furniture stores such as and They can also be purchased at bulk stores online such as overstock or amazon.

Do you sell outdoor furniture?

There are many places that sell outdoor furniture. I am from a company that sells outdoor furniture.

Is this a good deal on outdoor furniture?

Outdoor furniture is expensive so $500 is a good deal for a set if its good quality. Wal Mart does have cheap outdoor sets but they're not that great of quality.

How close can I set my wicker furniture to an outdoor water feature?

You can set you wicker furniture as close as needed,wicker is made to withstand the elements.

How long will an outdoor wicker furniture set last.?

Outdoor Wicker Furniture will last a long time as long as it is taken care of. There is a lot more information on Outdoor Wicker Furniture on this website:

Can wicker outdoor furniture be repaired?

There are many carpenters who are able to repair wicker furniture. Check to see if you have any local options.

Where can I purchase designer outdoor furniture?

I am in love with the outdoor furniture from Ambience Outdoor Furniture. They offer top quality, designer outdoor furniture and they last forever.

What is a good outdoor furniture set?

I think this is a good outdoor furniture set. The materials are weather resistant and the chairs have padded sling seats.

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