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How can I share Large files above 500 mb?

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2018-04-30 15:08:21

You should note that both uploading and downloading the file can

take a long, long time - depending on your Internet connection. You

may want to consider whether you have other options - i.e., somehow

reducing the file size.Many FREE file-sharing services have a limit

that is much lower than this, but if you get a PAID membership, you

may be able to share larger files (as well as more content in


DropBox lets you share a TOTAL of up to 2 GB. I don't think

there is a limit on the size of individual files.

BitTorrent, which is a peer-to-peer sharing protocol, lets you

share files of any size. You will need to install a torrent client

program; there are many options here, for example, µTorrent.

Another option is to split your files into smaller pieces.

Compression software can do that; it also tends to reduce the total

size, though some content (such as videos, or JPEG images)

basically are already compressed, so they can't be compressed any


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