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How can I take songs off my iPhone 4S and sync them to my computer?


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The application SharePod allows you to take songs off your iPhone 4S and sync them to your computer.

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Yes, all you have to do is plug it into the computer it was set up with and it should sync automatically. Then, it will take the songs from your iPhone and put them on the iTunes on your computer, and take the songs from iTunes and put them on your iPhone, too.

You take a iphone compatible USB cord, connect it to your computer, and you sync an iPhone with iTunes.

well..... first you take the sim card out of your iphone.....then you connect the iphone to your computer....the phone will appear under devices as usual then you just sync.....hope i helped!

Download the song and save it to a common location such as your desktop or documents. Next drag the song and drop it on the Itunes icon. Sync your Iphone by hooking it up to your computer. when it is complete the song should be on your Iphone. beware lime wire it can give viruses and install spyware on your computer and Iphone.

Sync your IPhone to your laptop, and use Itunes. Or you can email yourself the video, although depending on how many things you want to sync, it might take a little while.

well it depends if you're getting the apps from the appstore or on your computer, if you are syncing from your iphone then u should try to sync from your computer and if that doesnt work then maybe take it back to the store and ask the experts...hope it helped!

yes you can, you dont have to buy a new simcard when you buy a new iPhone

Take your wire that came with the iPhone and plug it into the USB port, from there it will automatically sync.Three steps can help you:Step 1: Run Software, Connect iPhoneRun iPod to iPod Transfer, connect your iPhone to computer.Step 2: Select the Files from ListIn the left panel, you can select the files you want to sync to your iTunes. Click the "Export" button at the top to begin to the transfer. This software also helps you to Transfer Videos from iPhone to Computer.Step 3: Click Export to ComputerSet things up just as I have shown and that's all there is to it. Choose "Export to iTunes Only" and press the "OK"button at the bottom, the program will start to sync iPhone to iTunes on computer.http://www.ipodtoipodtransfer.org/how-to/sync-iphone-to-itunes.htmlFor more details you can see this link.

You should be able to sync the information into the new computer but if not I would call apple and see what they say.

Basically, 1. create a folder on your computer, 2. put photos in it you want on your phone, 3. connect your phone to computer and open iTunes if it isn't open, 4. Click on iPhone device in iTunes. 5. Click on Photos tab. 6. Change sync directory to the one you created (I use the selected albums option). 7. Sync your iPhone in iTunes.

You sync it on your computer. Then one it's synced, take the ther 8 gig ipod & take the songs already synced on the other one, & sync it on that one. - Haley(:

I take it you're trying to sync songs to your player. The best thing to do would be to use Windows Media Player to create a sync list and sync the songs to your mp3 player.

same thing with mine. it has to sync all of the apps, songs, videos, etc.

It could be that the songs on your iphone are abundant and numerous ... Added with your iphone not having much storage on it ... it also could not be the songs that are "using " up space on your iphone ... Apps, movies , pictures take up as much space on your iphone as songs...

Get your iphone charger and take the box off. Put the cord into your computer and it will connect to iTunes.

Through iTune to sync send video to iPhone. but not all the video could be played on iPhone, iPhone does not support all of the formats, you should convert ur videos to the format supported on ur iPhone.

first you need an itunes. Lime wire is no longer available you can buy songs or get differentwebsites to download songs. After downloading the "legal" songs, you drag them from your "computer" page on to your "itunes" page. Then, connect the ipod with your charger(take off the outlet part) into your computer, a diiferent screen will appear, just click "sync

If the songs on your mp3 are already saved on your computer, then you won't need to take them from the mp3 to put them on your iPod. Just find where the music is saved on your computer, and transfer it into iTunes (open your iTunes library and the location where the music is saved at once and drag-and-drop the songs from their original location to iTunes) and then plug in your iPod and sync it with iTunes.

uncheck them in your itunes then sync your ipod. Then they should be on your itunes but not your ipod.

1. As long as you have outlook 2003 or 0utlook 2007 it will sync automatically (as long as you haven't changed any of the outlook default settings). Just plug it in and iTunes will do all the rest. 2. As long as you sync your iPhone to itunes you won't lose any of your contacts or calendar appointments. itunes will do a full back up and then completely wipe your iphone. After that, it will load all your data, settings, and media back to your phone. It will take a little while. Hope it useful to you. From WinPST Share Outlook

The easy way to do what you want to do is to make a file called Christmas songs and list the songs in that file. It will stay on your IPod, but you just don't listen to them. You could also go in Itunes and uncheck the songs in your library that are Christmas songs. Do a sync of your library to your IPod and the songs will stay in the library, but not be on the IPod. When you want them back go in to Itunes and check them, sync, and they will be back on your IPod. If you want only Christmas songs you would check all the songs that are not Christmas and sync. Either way the songs stay in your Itunes library, but are not on the IPod.

used to take media off of a camera onto a computer

Then just sync your iPod to iTunes if it is on your computer. Select the app and sync your iPod (be prepared if it is going to back-up your iPod, which may take a while depending on the content on your iPod).

hi plug it in and it will pop up in itunes...depending on your computer this can take up to 5 mins once if pops up if it doesent automatically sync rightclick on the ipod and hit sync...hope i helped

Hook your iPhone to your computer so it hour, can charge. Wait an hour and than disconnect your iPhone, if it still doesn't work, take it to your local AT and T store.

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