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You would need to have a TV card installed into your computer to be able to watch digital and analogue channels on your computer.

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Q: How can I watch TV on my windows xp using the TV cable?
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How you can watch cable connection television using monitor without CPU?

Get a monitor with an HDMI or analog input and connect it to a cable TV tuner.

How can one watch cable tv over the internet?

You can watch cable tv by purchasing a router from your cable company or local store. You hook the cable up to your tv and then you hook it up to your laptop.

Do you need cable TV to watch ABDC?

Yes, for your TV, you need cable to watch ABDC, because it's on MTv.

How can I watch TV on my computer?

If you want to watch cable TV by plugging a TV cable into your computer, you will need a TV Tuner card which will come with the appropriate software. You can also watch cable TV by streaming it from cable channels online, which does not require any software download or special hardware.

Can we watch tv without cable?

yes you cna watch it online

Cable TV is good or bad?

c have two point of view about cable Tv. Most of people like to watch cable Tv.Some people who are working to business and other watch cable Tv to explore general knowledge . Some youth and other watch as a creature comforts. Anyway, I think, watching cable Tv has impact. So cable Tv is good.

Where can I watch TV for free?

Most TV can be watched for free on a TV without using cable. however if you look at some web sites like there is a free TV page. you can watch things here.

What can you do with a roll over cable?

You can watch your cable services that you get on your computer with this type of cord. You can watch it on a television and a computer at the same time.

How do you watch sports without cable TV?

if you have Internet u can watch it live from there

Where can you legally watch cable TV online for free?

You cannot legally watch cable televison online. You can watch individual shows at hulu and network websites.

What was cable TV first used for?

Obviously, to watch TV.

Can you watch HD TV from Time Warner Cable without a cable box?


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