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How can a 16 year old make money?


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2010-12-12 21:50:13
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You could work at the super market Walmart,publix,target etc...

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a 16 Year old cannot legally make money online, ask your parents

say your to old leave make him save up the money and bye one and don't let him spend the money!

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A 16-year-old starting at McDonald's is likely to make minimum wage or a little more. With raises, he or she would make more the longer he works there.

If you are making that kind of money just hire a car and driver. You have to be eighteen to legally enter in to a contract. what is this 16 year old doing to make so much money????? and no you need to be 18 The answer is no? but if he is making that much money then he does not need a loan he can just buy a car. I think he means "8 $ " not "8K"

deliver newspapers, tutor, pet walking/sitting, doing chores, washing cars. you can even act in don't have to do it ''the old fasioned way''

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