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He could be a girl and get plastic surgery its possable that's wat i think

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:21:30
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Q: How can a boy look like lady gaga?
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Does Eva simmons like Lady Gaga looks?

I am not sure but have a look at the 'silly boy' vidio as i think she does like lady gaga looks

What did Lady Gaga look like when she was a boy?

she a is girl and was born a girl

Was Lady Gaga a boy?

No! Lady GaGa has always been a girl! Just look at her birth name.

Was Lady Gaga born a boy?

lady gaga was born a women weather you like it or not!

Does Lady Gaga have a baby boy?

No, Lady Gaga has no children.

Is Lady Gaga a girl or or a boy?

Lady Gaga is a girl.

Is Lady Gaga a boy or girl or both?

Lady gaga is a girl

Was lady gaga ounce a boy?

No. Lady Gaga was always female.

Is Lady Gaga rea lly a boy?

Yes for all of my research and the deltas and calculations she is basically a boy and i am not lieing she has a boy face and boys hands cuz i have been to her concerts and they feel like boy hands and lady gaga for sure is a boy people

Was Lady Gaga hot when she was a boy?

Lady Gaga is not a boy. She was born a women and has always been a women. I think IT was ^^

Is it a rumor that Lady Gaga is a boy or not?

Lady gaga is not a boy OK. hope this clears up some misunderstandings.

Is Lady Gaga a boy or not?

Lady Gaga was born a woman. She has always been a woman.

Is Lady Gaga a girl or a boy at birth?

Lady Gaga has always been Female

Is Lady Gaga a boy and does she have a man part?

No. Lady GaGa is a girl with female parts.

Who is more famous Astro Boy or Lady Gaga?

As far as I can determine, Lady Gaga is more famous than Astro Boy.

Is Lady Gaga a lday boy?

Lady gaga is a bisexual. She is also a female. Hope this helped!

Why did Lady Gaga change genders?

Lady Gaga changed her gender because she thinks that a boy is boring

Was Lady Gaga a boy when she was born but when she grew up she became a girl?

Lady Gaga was born a girl.

What is the name of the boy in Lady Gaga's video Alejandro?

The boy in the lady gaga Alejandro video is alejandro .It shows him in the somewhat beginning and somewhat end.

You feel really sorry for Lady Gaga so why does she keep getting called a boy?

lady gaga is not a boy and they are just mean and rude and that's that

What is the name of the lady of death?

lady gaga stinks i know a boy that loves lady gaga you could here him singing lady gaga over the hair dryer haha

Is lady gaga have boy parts?

No she does not have boy parts, if you have seen her like I have you would know too. She has the perfect body of a woman.

Is Lady Gaga married to a boy?


Is it true that Lady Gaga was a boy?

lady gaga was supposed to be a boy but she was born with ore girl parts and if you called someone a dumbo for saying that well your a dumbo

How did lady gaga get inspierd?

Lady Gaga was inspired by: Freddie Mercury, Madonna, Boy George, Queen, etc...