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He could be a girl and get plastic surgery its possable that's wat i think


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I am not sure but have a look at the 'silly boy' vidio as i think she does like lady gaga looks

she a is girl and was born a girl

lady gaga was born a women weather you like it or not!

No! Lady GaGa has always been a girl! Just look at her birth name.

No, Lady Gaga has no children.

No. Lady Gaga was always female.

Lady gaga is not a boy OK. hope this clears up some misunderstandings.

Lady Gaga is not a boy. She was born a women and has always been a women. I think IT was ^^

Lady Gaga was born a woman. She has always been a woman.

Lady Gaga has always been Female

No. Lady GaGa is a girl with female parts.

Lady gaga is a bisexual. She is also a female. Hope this helped!

As far as I can determine, Lady Gaga is more famous than Astro Boy.

Yes for all of my research and the deltas and calculations she is basically a boy and i am not lieing she has a boy face and boys hands cuz i have been to her concerts and they feel like boy hands and lady gaga for sure is a boy people

Lady GaGa is NOT a boy. She is a woman. All we know is that she is biosexual. <3<3 lady gaga<3<£

lady gaga stinks i know a boy that loves lady gaga you could here him singing lady gaga over the hair dryer haha

Lady Gaga changed her gender because she thinks that a boy is boring

lady gaga is not a boy and they are just mean and rude and that's that

Lady Gaga was inspired by: Freddie Mercury, Madonna, Boy George, Queen, etc...

lady gaga was supposed to be a boy but she was born with ore girl parts and if you called someone a dumbo for saying that well your a dumbo

No she does not have boy parts, if you have seen her like I have you would know too. She has the perfect body of a woman.

Lady Gaga is a woman. There have been rumors that she is a man or a hermaphrodite, but she is female.

No, she was born a female.

yes lady gaga is a boy she has boys private

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