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How can a cracked wheel cause a flat tire?

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Yes, the air can leak out of the crack.

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Maybe a mile or 2 to get you to a place you can get a spare. Driving on a flat tire can cause damage to the wheel and possibly the drum and brakes. If you must drive on a flat tire, drive very slow and stop if the tire comes off the rim.

A slanted tire is a serious safety hazard. It can mean the tread is separated or the wheel housing is cracked. Either can cause a potential accident. It is best to either change the tire, or get it checked.

If you suspect a flat spot on a tire examine the tire closely. You should be able to see a flat spot. To determine if your car has a bad wheel bearing rotate the wheel. A bad wheel bearing will often make a grinding sound as well as feeling rough as you turn the wheel. A bad wheel bearing may also shake or wiggle. It will also cause a car shaking problem.

You will destroy the tire and harm the bead seating surface on the wheel.

no, overnight rain will not cause your tires to go flat

A bad wheel bearing can cause your tire to tilt inward. The motion of the tire tilt thing in word, while you are driving, can cause the axle to break and the tire to come off.

If it is part of the valve stem, yes.

Usually the problem with a wheel barrow tire is the wheel rather than the tire. That is a poor fit between the rim and the tire. You need to take a strap and tighten it down around the outside of the tire and then inflate the tire so that it grips the rim tightly.

You need a jack and a wheel brace (wrench)

The most common cause is a tire out of balance. It can also be a bent wheel, defective tire, wheel bearing, or steering parts worn.

Tire out of balance is the most likely cause. Can also be a bent wheel.

Tire out of balance, wheel bent, or there is a defect in the tire. A bad shock will also cause the tire to bounce.

Did they balance the wheel when they changed the tire? The other thing that may be off is the tracking, especially if you drove for any distance on the flat. Get theses fixed or your tires will wear unevenly.

Two things could cause the tire to make a noise sounding like a flat tire even though the tire is fully inflated. First, if the tire has a big enough flat spot on the tread surface and second if the radial plies in the tire have separated letting air between the belts causing patches of the tread surface to bulge.Answeri test drove a geo that had loose lug nits on it that made a noise like that

There is no space for a spare tire if you have AWD. That is why factory provides the Run Flat Tires.

this is a funny way to answer do yo feel the vibration in your but or the steering wheel. If its in your but there is a problem in the rear wheel assembly, ie bad belts in a tire, wheel bering, flat spot on a tire tire out of ballance

Out of balance, bent wheel, defect in tire.

Tire out of balance, bent wheel, defect in the tire, or worn suspension parts.

More than likely you have a tire out of balance or a bent wheel.More than likely you have a tire out of balance or a bent wheel.

Honestly Just Buy a New Tire, Fixing A Damaged Tire Can Lead to failure And Cause A Car Crash! To restore a flat tire, you could temporarily use Tire Flat to inflate air to get to a gas station. Then, if the flat is just because the tire is worn out it will need to be replaced. If it is due to a nail in the tire, the nail will be removed and the tire patched with vulcanized rubber.

Tire out of balance, bent wheel, loose lug nuts, worn out wheel bearing, defect in the tire, or steering part worn.

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