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How can a disabled college student get financial aid without a cosigner?

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There are a number of grants, scholarships, waivers/Remissions, fellowships/assistantships (grant or scholarship portions, that are available for students. The trick is to find them and apply which will take time. Talk to your counselor at school--see what they can advise. Look for the grants yourself- what is your major, what kind of disability do you have, is there money you qualify because of the disability. When you applied for federal loan-did you apply for Federal Pell Grant? Again I recommend for alot of this information. There are web sites and books that list all grants available. Good Luck!!

2006-08-01 19:32:42
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Need a student loan and have no cosigner?

In some cases a cosigner may not be needed for a student loan. Check with your college's financial aid office.

Where can you apply for a student loan with no credit and no cosigner?

Try going to the financial aid office at the college. They can help you apply for loans and grants.

How do you get a student loan without a cosigner? offers loans to sophomore or higher college students with out a cosigner.

Where do you go for a student loan when you don't have a cosigner and have no credit?

The financial aid office of the institution you are, or wish to, attend.

Do average college freshmen need a cosigner when getting Chase student loans?

Most freshman will in fact need a cosigner for loans. The need of a cosigner is dependent on how much good credit history the student has available. So, if for example the student was in their late 20's and had successfully paid all debt prior they would not need a cosigner.

How can a disabled college student get a 1000 dollar loan if she has bad credit and no cosigner?

Not knowing the loan is needed for, a site that might supply helpful information is: (menu selection "other type of aid").

Where can you apply for tuition loan as the student without cosigner help?

You should talk to your college's Financial Aid office, who will be able to direct you to potential loan sources which may not need a cosigner. Most students are not going to be able to get a loan without a cosigner unless it's something like a guaranteed student loan, in which the government is effectively your cosigner. You will need to qualify for a GSL, though, and your financial aid office will help you with that.

Do student loans require a cosigner?

No, for the majority of student loans available in the United States you will not need a cosigner. However, for private loans, you will need a cosigner.

Can you get a student loan from a bank with a cosigner?

Yes, although most college financial experts recommend this as the last resort to figuring out how to finance your college education. Hopefully before turning to a private student loan from a bank, you have applied for as many scholarships you can and have maxed out the allowance from the federal student loan programs, as both of these options are better for your long-term finances.

Where can you find a college financial aid calculator?

A college financial aid calculator can be found in the college financial aid office. The student who needs financial aid should visit the college financial aid office to inquire about the availability of a financial aid calculator. Most likely, the financial aid officer will advise the student that the financial aid calculator is subjective to other financial measures that inserting income, for an example.

How can an International student get a student loan without a cosigner?

US banks offer loans to International student who does not have any cosigner. If you are an international student then you should not get worry about loans or financial requirements. If your course is approved by US academy and having good academic background then you can easily get federal loans or scholarships. If you are not from US then these financial helps are not for you. However, if you are living in US for more than three years then these loans are available for you. If you are not eligible for federal loans then apply for international student loan without cosigner that are offered by some leading moneylenders. These are private student loans and any student may apply for these loans. Well, my research says that there is a website Excite Education, they have a page of student loan cosigner. it may be helpful. Do take a look. Good luck!

Can most students get a loan without a cosigner?

You can get a loan if you are a student without a cosigner however it can also be a little tricky. I would suggest going to your local bank and chatting to a financial advisor for better advice.

Can the cosigner of a student loan be removed from the loan if the student did not use the loan for its intended purpose And the student did not finish college and is not paying the loans?

NO you have s secondary obligation for the note, not the money or how it was or was not used.

Can a disabled student attend college?

Yes, and by law they must offer to make accommodations for you.

Student Loan?

form_title=Student Loan form_header=Finance your future will the help from a student loan. Find a service that will help you apply and qualify. Who is the student loan for? = () Me () Family Member () Other Do you have a cosigner?= () Yes () No Do you have financial aid? Or have you applied for it?= () Yes () No

Can you get Student loans as a felon?

Only if one has a felony drug conviction may they not qualify for student loans. Otherwise, with good credit or a cosigner you can still qualify. If you want to know more, go here:

How can I get a student loan without a cosigner?

Although it is very difficult to get loan without cosigner. Majority of the students don't apply because they don't have any cosigner. But now a day many organization are helping such student who don't have any cosigner. You can apply for such loan that not required cosigner. These loans called no cosigner student loans. You can find a detailed procedure through link that is in "Related Links"

What do you need to qualify for student loans without cosigner?

Student loans are provided without consigner based on needs. For example if you are independent from your parents, you can qualify for student loans without cosigner.

How do you spell financiel?

Financial aid is very important for today's college student.

How much do you have to pay for Student Financial Aid?

In most instances, you should not have to pay for student financial aid - this is a free service offered to all students enrolled at the college/university. However, you may have to pay for student loans depending on your financial situation.

How To Get Student Loans Without a Cosigner?

If you have been looking for ways to pay for college, you have probably thought about taking out a few student loans. However, you might have found that a lot of student loans require that you have either a high credit score or a cosigner. If you don't have credit or if your credit is bad and if you don't know anyone who is willing to cosign with you for a student loan, you might be unsure of if you will ever be able to pay for college. Fortunately, there are ways to get student loans without a cosigner. First of all, you should consider talking to a financial aid adviser about taking out a federal student loan. Federal student loans allow students to borrow money for school without a cosigner, and they do not even look at your credit score, which means you will still qualify if you have bad credit or if you don't have credit at all. Along with applying for student loans, you can also apply for federal grants. Just like loans, these grants will provide you with the money that you need to pay for college, but you won't have to worry about paying them back in the future. Secondly, you could consider working on your credit score so that you won't need a cosigner in order to get a student loan. Although you might think it will be impossible to boost your credit score, it might be easier than you think. By getting a cell phone or cable bill in your name and paying it on time or getting a credit card and using and paying for it responsibly, you can boost your credit score, and this can help you qualify for student loans without the need for a cosigner. Lastly, you can consider looking for student loans that will allow students with bad credit to apply, even without a cosigner. Although this might be more difficult, a little patience might help you find a lender who is actually willing to give you a chance.

How can I get financial aid?

Billions of dollars in financial aid is available to those who need help paying for college. Learn more about student aid and college tuition at

Can you get a student loan without a cosigner?

Yes if you are a US Citizen you may get a loan without a cosigner. However, your % will be higher in terms of interest. As a result it is best to have a cosigner.

What financial aid options are available for college students?

There are many options for financial aid programs available for college. You can go to the school's website with the financial aid section or go to the student aid department.

Am I eligible for alternative student loans?

Most private student loans applicants are required to have a cosigner, especially undergraduates or students who don'tt have a steady income or credit history. The cosigner is required to sign the loan document, but the student is the primary borrower. By signing, the cosigner agrees to be fully responsible for repaying the loan if the student does not fulfill his or her obligations.