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With a muzzle loader. But legaly a felon cant. Posess black powder. But can own the gun as long as the barrel cant be interchangeable to make it a centerfire, or rimfire rifle.


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Home-ground advantage - and the strong war mission to defend the homeland against the invader.

Home-ground advantage, and the stronger war-mission - to defend the homeland against the invader.

Home-ground advantage, and the stronger war-mission that went with it - to defend the homeland against the invader. Advantage in cavalry - most Southern boys were used to the riding and shooting way of life.

Traditional advantage in cavalry - most young Southerners could ride and shoot Home-ground advantage - most battles were on terrain unfamiliar to the enemy Stronger war-mission - to defend the homeland against the invader.

Invader Zim's home is with the Irken Empire ; his Earth residence is never revealed .

The home-ground factor - fighting on terrain unfamiliar to the enemy, and the emotive mission of defending the homeland against the invader.

The Southerners were a more soldierlike breed, raring for a fight, led by some of the best officers of the US Army who had resigned to join the Confederates. They were mostly fighting on home ground, unfamiliar to the enemy. They had a more emotive mission - to defend the homeland against the invader.

Stronger war mission - defending the homeland against the invader (along with the home-ground advantage).

Laws concerning the use of force to defend your home are called "castle laws," as in "A man's home is his castle." They vary from state to state. In most cases, a person can use deadly force to protect themselves or their family from harm if the home invader has entered the home unlawfully and the defender has reason to believe the invader intends to cause harm. Ultimately, the acid test of this standard is whether the defender can convince a jury that they they acted reasonably, and that it was necessary to use deadly force in that situation.

Answer (Short)It is in the UK.Answer (Detailed)It's actually a legal grey area. There is no right or wrong answer.While it is illegal to murder someone, it is perfectly legal to defend yourself or your family.People have been tried in court for killing a home invader, but the prosecution rates are very, very low.If an individual can prove that the home invader meant to cause harm to them or their family, you can rightfully claim self defence from killing them.

Bees will always defend their home against any one or any thing which they perceive as a threat.

Clear, emotive mission - to defend the homeland against the invader. Most battles were on home territory, unfamiliar to the enemy. Southerners were more experienced in the riding and shooting way of life. Many of the best officers had quit the US Army to join the Confederates. Britain and France were sympathetic to the Confederate cause.

A felon may not purchases, possess, or be allowed access to firearms. Living in the same home as a felon is considered to be allowing the access, even if they are kept in a safe.

Yes. Felon may not have access to the combination or keys.

can a convicted felon have any form of protection for his home in pennsylvania?

The general answer is yes, the spouse of a felon can owna gun as long as the felon has no access to it.

I have been a felon for 8 years now and I can tell you that your best bet would be to start a home based business. About six months ago I found the perfect home based business and I am now passionate about helping other like-minded felons and teaching them how to start a business from home.

No. He can not have any guns at all.

Why you would want an indefensible home against forest fires is odd. However simply build it from highly inflammable materials and store petrol and gas in all the rooms. That should pretty much ensure you would not be able to defend it against any fire.

In war they lived in the barracks or out in the field in tents. When not at home alot still had to live at the barracks to defend against possible surprise attacks

No. Federal law prohibits a convicted felon from purchasing, possessing, or having access tofirearms and ammunition.

A convicted felon should be able to own a home in Hawaii. Generally, only credit scores are run for home ownership, not background checks.

ADDED: Under the provisions of US Code, Title 18, it is a federal offense for a convicted felon to own or "possess" firearms of ANY type, ANY where, for ANY reason. mIt is against the law in Texas for a convicted felon to own or possess a firearm. A State Felony (or 4th degree felony) conviction is still a felony conviction. If a firearm is in your home, you are considered to be in possession of it, and could be arrested for it.

an African bee will fight to defend it's home to protect the queen and the hive. It's a natural instinct.

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