How can a fuse prevent electric shocking?


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fuse wire overheats and melts in plug and cuts off the supply of electric current.


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large current flows from live to earth wire.

A fuse is a safety device that helps prevent excess current flowing in an electric circuit.

to prevent an unduly high electric current to pass

electric eels get their food by their shocking ability.

To prevent an overload or short from causing the wiring in the circuit supplying power to the appliance from overheating and possibly catching on fire. The fuse is there to protect the wiring and not what is plugged into that circuit.

The Kia electric door mirror fuse can be found in the fuse box. The electric door mirror fuse will be at the bottom of the first column.

Structure and use of a fuse: A fuse contains of a metal contact cap,glass casing,thin metal wire with a low melting point.When the electric appliances is faluty,the excess electric current will flow through the crcuit.Owing to the heating effect of elecric current,a large amount of heat will be produced.The circuit may thus occured a fire.The installation of fuse can stop excessive electric current.the low melting point thin wire in the fuse will melt and break the circuit in order to protect the electric appliances and prevent a fire.But fuse is quite unconvenient that after it's bruned out,you need to replace a new one. fuse rating: fuse rating refers to the amount of electric current that can flow through the fuse without melting the thin metal wire.The higher rating can provide larger electric current.We should choose a greater ampere fuse than the electric appliances in order to prevent the breaking of circuit when electric appliances are working normally. The similar appliances:Circuit Breaker The use of a circuit breaker is similar to a fuse.When an electric current increases suddening and exceeds the circuit breaker's raging,the circuit breaker will turn to"OFF" switch automatically and break the circuit in order to protect the electric appliances and prevent a fire.It's more convenient than a fuse cause you only need to turn to"ON"switch when reconnected.

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A fuse is an electric device that interrupts the flow of electric current when overloaded. The fuse pump will therefore perform the similar task.

Where's the fuse that runs electric mirrors

Yes an electric toaster should have a fuse.

where is the fuse located for electric engine coolant fan on picasso petrol 1.6l

i have a 2006 galaxy, and the fuse controlling the electric windows is the number 2 fuse (1st fuse in from the left on the main row of vertical fuses)

A fuse is intended to be a weak link of thin wire that goes in series with a circuit. If the current becomes too high for any reason, the fuse wire melts and cuts off the supply. Without a fuse, the circuit will heat up until something else melts, which might cause a fire. So fuses are necessary to prevent electrical fires.

so it could prevent shocking you .They use that because if u get shocked the electric can travel through your body and it could harm u if u get shocked a lot. Also if u get shocked and you can hurt other people and shock them to so that is why they use plastic coating on the electric cords.

Main fuse will prevent it from even turning over. Fuel pump fuse will prevent it from starting from lack of fuel.

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how i can chek my cigarret electric conection, i replace the fuse but i dont have power on the cigarret conection

Yes, the electric windows are connected to a circuit protection devise such as a fuse or circuit breaker.

I assume its because the something to do with electric doors dont work? Look for the fuse that is blown. You can tell with out removing the fuse by the visible link at the top edge of the fuse. If no visible link then blown fuse.

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The fuse that controls the electric mirrors on a 2005 Toyota Sequoia is in the fuse box that is under the dash on the driver's side. The fuse panel diagram should be on the inside cover of this fuse box.

It was a shocking discovery by William J. Newton and Morris Goldberg who invented the electrical switch. The switch was invented to prevent frequent electrical shocks caused by twisting two wire together to turn on the light.

When too much current flows through the fuse, it heats up and melts. Hence, the circuit is broken and the current does not flow through the circuit or the gadget.

Usually the type of fuse is encoded into the fuse number. For example a English Electric fuse C20J, the C represents that the fuse is a cartridge type, the 20 is the amperage of the fuse and the J represents the speed of the fuse. Also the J states that the fuse is a type J fuse.

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