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No girl ever has to sleep with a guy for any reason. Wrong attitude for the 21st century.You cannot "make" person like you or be your friend. You can create an environment of friendship and companionship by having similar interests, having interesting conversations and attending events and sports together.

2016-07-17 20:42:16
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How can you please a girl without having sex. like kissing?

Just kissing and dancing and holding her waist.

Would a girl who likes you tell you who they like if you ask them?

Answer If the girl is confident and feels comforatable telling you then she will. If the girl is not confident or wants you to know that she likes you without having to ask she will withhold whom she likes until you tell her you like her first.

How can you get a black girl to sleep with you?

Same as any other- get her to like you first.

How much gore is in Nightmare on Elm St?

some like when freedy kills that girl in her sleep i dnt know why its R some like when freedy kills that girl in her sleep i dnt know why its R

How can you get a girl to like you without attracting a lot of attention?

Just tell the girl you like them and she started to like me

Where do mermaids sleep?

Matters on the heritage, like the traditions, and such, but most sleep on seaweed beds, or giant stones with or without seaweed on it. All mermaids sleep underwater.

What actors and actresses appeared in Without a Girl Like You - 2013?

The cast of Without a Girl Like You - 2013 includes: Billy Ryan Droze as himself

How would you get a bisexual girl to like you?

by having sexual intercourse with her

Do guys like it when a girl takes a nap on their shoulders?

We only like it if you let us sleep on your boob in return.

What does it means of having a dream about having a baby girl when your pregnant?

It probably means you really would like or could possibly be expecting a baby girl

If whales are mammls like us then how do they sleep underwater without breathing?

They don't sleep like we do. They are able to let one half of their brain sleep while the other remains conscious. They continue to surface for air.

Why do dogs twich in sleep?

They are most probably having a dream, and reaction. Its like sleeptalking for dogs.

Do girl like being pregnant?

They like having sex.

What do you do if you like a girl and that girl likes your best friend?

id stop having any contact with her if possible

How does a fat girl get a boy to like her without losing weight?

He'll like you for who you are

How do you get a girl to like you without her knowing you like her?

talk to her and maybe try not to get your answers off the internet. happy girl hunting :)

What is the chance of having a girl in percentage?

48.8% which is like sooo unfair!

How do you know a girl like me without talking?

no one likes you

How can you speak to a girl without looking like a fool?

Be yourself...

What can you do to get out of school tomorrow?

fake sick um... over sleep(; and you can fake like you are having chest pains

Who was Phoebe?

Answer: phobe is a girl from charmed who is having a girl just like piper her sister..... i love the show charmed

How do you impress girl having attitude?

it all depends on what the girl is like anyway just be yourself she will probably except it.

How can you let a girl know you like her without taking it to far?

Ask how she feels about you and, if she does not like you FOR GET ABOUT IT!!

What is the story behind Skillet's song Don't Wake Me?

It's about a man having a breakup with his girl of some time and it's hard for him to sleep without wishing she was back. He dreams of her in the night and doesn't want to be woken up. Because, in life he doesn't have this girl anymore and he is happy in his dreams. It's hard for him to move on. (Iv'e gone through this and it seems like it's exactly what I feel about my ex girlfriend)

What is the meaning of sleeping clothes?

sleeping clothes are worn when you go to sleep. without sleeping clothes you will have nothing to wear when you go to sleep. you like to wear pants when you sleep of course not it make you uncomfortable.