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You can tell if your man penis is hard by the veins in the penis

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โˆ™ 2010-12-23 21:04:35
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Q: How can a girl tell if her boyfriend's penis is completely hard?
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How does a penis feel when you touch your boyfriends is it hard?

if he really likes you yes it will be hard

Should your penis get hard?

When you get older your body starts maturing. Your penis getting hard is completely normal, this usually happens when there is something sexual happening, but you can also get NRE (No reason erections) Its completely normal Its just how the body works

If a girl is a virgin is it hard for the man to stick his penis in?


Why do boys penis arise when they see a sexiest girl?

They get.. excited and hard.

Can you get a girl pregnant if you have intercourse with her but your penis is not hard?

Yes you can get a girl pregnant..if seamen comes out of your penis and into her vagina it can travel up inside her and impregnate her.

Why does your boyfriends penis stick up when you kiss him?

It means he's turned on. It shows that he likes your kissing and is thinking of more. He's getting hard.

Why is it so difficult for a males' penis to get on hard?

it shouldn't be hard to get your penis hard. Try rubbing it, jacking off, thinking of sexual desires, having sex, getting a blow job. showing your penis to a girl. stripping.

How do you keep your penis hard while dancing?

have a girl grind on you.

What do you do if a girl touches your penis and you're not hard?

it means your not attracted to her

How can i make my boyfriends penis bigger we have rough sex 3 times a week?

have ur gf suck it hard and warmer weather helps expand it.

How do you insert your penis into a girl?

once it gets hard, stick into her vagina.

How long does your penis have to be when its hard for a girl to feel it?

very long ;D

What if your penis is 7 inches hard?

You are completely normal. The average is 5-6 inches for an adult.

How do you give a girl a bolwjob?

It's kind of hard since she doesn't have a penis.

Does sex hurt for a girl?

No it does not hurt a girl when she is having sex her virgina is to transmitted to a mans penis if it the penis is transmitted to the virgina it gives her a relaxing sensasion just like an male has but also when you insert the penis to the Virgina to hard or maybe to fast it may hurt them but it does not effect to some females

How do you get a guys penis hard?

Alright listen, to be honest there are many ways to get a guy hard. Making out is one of them. If a girl gets on top of him, that works to. Putting your hand on his penis would definitely do it. If that doesn't work then get naked...yeee

Can a girl pee in a boy's penis?

Yes but it is very hard , PS.why don't you try it, a boy can pee in a girls vagina

What does it mean if a girl is tight?

It means that her vagina is hard to put your penis in, but it feels good to you. Usually when a girl is tight she is a virgin. It can also mean she doesn't kiss or be touchy-feely with you.

How do you know when a guy is about to get on hard?

You can tell when a guy is on hard when their penis stands up in their pants and when their penis is hard

Why do men stick their penis inside girls vagina?

that is how humans have babies. First the male gets aroused and his penis gets erect/hard, making it possible for him to insert his penis in the girl's vagina. Then after some in and out motions, he ejaculates semen (containing sperm) which impregnates the girl, who gets pregnant . . . sometimes.

What the girl should do when boy's penis is erect and hard to give him more sex pleasure during sex?

Ask your partner.

Is it hard to bum a girl with a circumcised penis?

Not really, since you should never have anal intercourse without using a condom.

Will your penis get hard when you are thirteen?

Absolutely! Your penis will get hard when you get horny. Usually when looking at nude photos of women you will get hard.

Why do guys have a hard time telling a girl why they love them?

They are really careful because if the girl doesn't love them back they will feel completely embarrassed.

When a girl can pregnant?

Sperm from a boy's penis must get inside the girl's vagina during her fertile time of the month. Usually, the penis becomes hard and enters inside the vagina, then the boy's semen, which contains his sperm, ejaculates into the vagina. If the sperm find an egg to fertilize, the girl becomes pregnant with a child. I say usually because the penis doesn't really have to enter inside the vagina to make the girl pregnant. Even a little sperm from the tip of the penis rubbed onto the outside of the vagina could find it's way inside and make the girl pregnant.