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The child must be available for adoption...that means the parental rights of the birth parents must be terminated legally. I have one friend who signed over her rights to someone else so that an adoption could take place.

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Q: How can a mother legally adopt her daughter's friend?
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Can you legally adopt a 16 year old?

Yes, you can adopt a 16 year old legally. My moms friend did.

Can a friend who is 18 legally adopt a minor?

Not in most states in the US. They require someone to be at least 21 to adopt, as well as meet the support requirements.

Can your friend just give you her baby after birth?

no she has to be over 18 to legally adopt it because she didnt give birth to the baby.

Can you put a girl down on the birth certificate for the father?

Legally, no. In most states, if a lesbian couple wants to legally share a child, the non-biological mother has to adopt the child.

Can you legally adopt a child as her step mother against her mothers wishes?

Yes, but only if the legal parents sign all rights.

Can an inlaw adopt a son in law?

If I understand the question correctly you are asking if you may adopt YOUR son-in-law who would be your daughters husband. Aside from the complicated family relationship issues I suppose that it could be legally possible IF it conforms to the laws of your state.

Did Justin Bieber's mother adopt him?

No she did not adopt him thats his real mother and father

Can you legally adopt your yonger brother or sister if you are a minor?

Minors are not allowed to adopt.

Can a friend legally become your sister?

Only if your parents adopt her. Yes if your mom or dad marries your friends mom or dad. OR if you become soul sisters.

If Father and Mother are not married when a baby is born but his name is on the birth certificate and later the parents marry does the father have to adopt the child to make the baby legally his?


Did Dianne Wiest adopt her daughters when they were infants?


Does Angelina Jolie adopt her children legally?

Yes all three were adopted legally.

Can a 15 year old adopt?

You must be an adult, eighteen or over, in order to legally adopt.

Can you legally adopt an elderly Canadian man?


Can your grandpa adopt you legally?

Yes, with your parents permission

Did Barack Obama adopt a child?

No- neither of his two daughters is adopted.

If you adopt an adult will their children legally be your grandchildren?

yes because they adult is now legally your son/daughter...

If I'm 18 years old can someone still adopt me?

When you are 18, you are an adult by law and no one can adopt you legally.

Do you get an imaginary friend if you adopt a baby on sims 3?

Yes of you adopt it as a baby

If Father has had nothing to do with child and mother gets married to another man can that man adopt the child?

The father would need to legally give up his rights to the child or the court would have to take them away in order for the new husband to adopt the child.

How do you legally adopt a spouse's child?

You file a petition in the court with jurisdiction (usually a family/civil court) in the county and state where the child is a resident. Please be advised, when a person wishes to legally adopt their new spouse's child the biological father or mother must be deceased or voluntarily relinquish his or her or have had parental rights permanently terminated by court order.

Can a stepfather be a sponsor for a son to get a green card?

If he married the mother of a the child and he's under age he will sponsor the child too. If not he can legally try to adopt the child good luck

If the state take away your children at birth and the father sign his right away can the foster mother let him and her see the if she adopt them but the state still help her with them?

I'm in a relation ship where my friend sign his right away and the mother has no rights the children is in foster care or rather the foster mother adopt them now she want them to get to know their real father and mother and i want to know is this legal

Your best friend died when her daughter was 5 and has been raised by her her father and now she wants to petition the court for you to adopt her to become her legal mother is this possible?

No. The girl can not petition the court for you to adopt her. It would be possible for her father to give her up for adoption and you to adopt her. She, however, can not change the situation on her own.

How do you legally adopt your spouses child if she does not know the biological father?