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Ok, this focus on "emo" and "non-emo" is unnecessary, if you like her, then try and get to know her, talk to her, put her at ease, and if you think she returns your feelings then ask her out.

AnswerWhats emo? are you shure?Are you shure you want an emo girl? emos are a notorious drain on ones emotional enegry. but I supose you are enamoured with this young maid.

the main thing is to listen to her problems, and sympathise but never compare to your own issues. noone has problems as deep or as wounding as an emo.sense the entire idea of the emo subculture is that they feel noone likes them and they require attention likeing her and provideing attention fills these imagned gaps in her life.

be her friend she can go to for a good cry, be shure to smell good for these occasions, I sudgest wearing old spice (but not the origonal version) in moderation, so use it as your antipersperant but not as cologne. this gives her the oprotuneity to smell you when she is feeling distraught I know it soulds weird but human pheremones do exist. subconshously smelling good is half the battle.

if at al possible don't be a prep, if possible be a nerd or a geek, emos more readly identify with these subcultures as they remain, like the emo, downtrodden and outside of the mainstream.

don't join leadership or some other equaly happy organization (like the Mormons) she can't identify with that.

you could just ask her out, hey its worth a shot!

remember prom exists to provide a low pressure date environment if you still feel stressed remember these words "we could just go as friends."

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Q: How can a non-emotional guy get an emotional girl?
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