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How can a parent get their daughter to stop obsessing about being thin?

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Have a serious talk. And if she tells you that she doesn't want to listen to you, tell her that you're not done with her. Find a person who is a little above average, but happy with who they are and have her talk to them.

2008-12-08 19:18:33
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This depends on how old your daughter is, which state you are in and the reason your daughter is being interviewed. Some states don't permit a juvenile to be questioned unless a parent or guardian is present. There are exceptions to this, as in when the parent or guardian is a suspect in a crime against the juvenile; even then, there may be a requirement to have an adult advocate present to protect the juvenile's interests. Other states have no such requirements. If your daughter is no longer a juvenile, you probably have no say as to whether she is questioned at all.

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