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If you read, and practice the basic arts along with mathematics you can increase your IQ; consequently if you do none of the above you may find your IQ slowly decreasing over time. An Intelligence Quotient can be easily effected by knowledge gained or forgotten. ________________ There may be a lot of truth in the above, but psychologists might disagree, at least in theory. The basic concept of IQ is neither a measure of aptitude in a given area, nor is it a measure of performance or acquisition of knowledge. It is an attempt to measure an individual's ability to integrate different kinds of information to solve various kinds of problems. Whether or not IQ measures actually do this is another matter altogether. IQ can be useful for some who are seeking work or for some ideas about areas of interest. All things being equitably interpreted, a person with an IQ of 85 might not be happy or successful studying to be a heart surgeon or theoretical physicist. A person at the 160 level may not be fulfilled by a lifetime of physical labor. But for most people most of the time, IQ is utterly meaningless. The value of the advice above however is that any activity that keeps the mind/brain working and supple prolongs and enriches our enjoyment of life.

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Q: How can a person's IQ be increased or decreased?
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