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Repossessed cars are usually auctioned off in the county they were repoed in, you can also try this link to help find repossessed cars,

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Q: How can a person find and buy repossessed cars?
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How can I buy Repossessed Cars from bank or title lender?

These entities regularly auction off repossessed cars. Places and times vary by bank and region, so call the banks in your area to get started.

Where can I buy cheap pickup trucks?

You can find cheap pickup trucks at auctions. When cars a repossessed or taken by the cops they go up at auction. You can bid on these trucks and get a good price for them.

How do you buy finance repossessed cars in Australia?

Go to a repossession auction. They are often advertised in the newspapers and on radio.

What is the catch in buying repossessed cars?

The biggest turn-off when buying Repossessed Car:As you already know, Repossessed Car Auction is a great way to buy your new car or other types of vehicle (boat repo auction, RV repo auction, ...); however, it seems almost too good to be true, because the price is very low. The catch lies in the fact that Repossessed Cars were taken from their previous owners by the government, so they are basically used cars. Therefore, you must take all the steps necessary to find out about the history or the damages of the repossessed car yourself.Why you should still go for Repossessed Car:The easiest answer is: because it is very cheap. Normally, you can find one at as low as $200. Furthermore, even though repossessed cars have been used, they were taken away because their owners couldn't pay the bills, not because they were damaged or got into accidents. Thus, most of the times you will find very good repossessed cars that are perfectly normal and usable. Still, remember to check its history and VIN number! Also, remember to visit websites like to prepare your knowledge before going to a real repossessed car auction.

Where is the best place to buy a used ford mustang?

I would think that an auction for cars that have been repossessed is a great place to find a cheap car. I would also look on Craigslist and Ebay too.

Where can you buy repossessed cars in new Zealand?

Where can you buy repossessed automobiles in the US?

You can buy repossessed automobiles in the U.S. through many county auto auctions or police auto auctions. Check with your local courthouse or police department to find the next auction.

Where to find the used cars to buy?

In the dealership. I know you just have to ask the employes for used cars. Most areas have auto auctions where repossessed cars are sold to dealers and usually to the general public also. For example, Alameda, California has a monthly auction that is huge and serves the whole Bay Area.

You want to buy reposessed land from the bank?

It is possible to buy repossessed land from the bank. Most banks hold monthly auctions where they sell repossessed land, houses, cars, etc. The prices of these items are usually considerably lower than retail cost, so it is a good investment.

Where can one find the best used cars to buy?

One can find the best used cars to buy on Auto Trader where there are thousands of quality used cars listed for sale. One can also buy good used cars from Exchange and Mart.

A Repossessed Car Can Be Your Dream Deal?

Some of the best cars to buy are repossessed cars. If you're in the market for a used car, someone else's financial misfortune could turn into a spectacular deal for you. Most auto loan companies try to re-sell the cars they repossess in order to recoup their losses. If they sell the car for more than is stilled owed on it, the owner will get the difference. If it's sold for less than what's owed, the owner will have to pay. Either way, repossessed cars are often sold at considerable discounts off the Blue Book price, and knowing how to buy them can save you a lot of money. The reason repossessed cars are usually the best cars to purchase is that they were usually not involved in accidents, floods or stolen. The fact is that most repossessed cars were driven and used responsibly and reliably. If you would like to purchase reposed cars, there are a couple of ways to go about it. You can go to a few auctions and try to spot some, or you can buy access to a directory that will let you in on the newest cars that were part of a foreclosure. This way, you can jump on the crowds and can sometimes pick up a car for much less than you thought you would. Some ways to get a head start would be to call your local auction houses and get the times and dates of upcoming repossessed car auctions. Most repossessed cars are sold via auction, but you should contact local banks and ask whether they sell repossessed cars. Rather than paying the expense of an auctioneer, some small lenders choose to sell the cars themselves, either through a website or through their own on-site sale. Call local used auto dealers. Both new and used auto dealers sometimes put repossessed cars back on the lot. Ask the dealers you call whether this is the case and whether they can show you some repossessed cars in stock. Browse the local newspaper for listings of repossessed auto auctions. Many times, banks and auction houses will take out large ads in the interior of the paper or list the upcoming sales in the auctions section of the classified ads. Make sure you bring the correct form of payment to buy your car. When you call businesses that may have repossessed cars to sell, ask them what methods of payment they accept, so you'll know in advance what arrangements need to be made. Examine the car thoroughly before you make an offer to buy it. Ask for a vehicle history report. Also, be sure to check under the hood, look under the car, and inspect the interior for defects. If it's possible to take the car for a test drive before making an offer to buy it, do that to get an idea of how the car sounds and handles on the open road.

How to you buy repo car from bank?

Many banks will have a list of repossessed vehicles at their branch offices. They may also have a list of these vehicles on their website. Some banks auction off cars that are repossessed and they wind up at used car lots.

Can you buy two cars for the price of one?

If you can find the right dealership, you may be able to buy two cars for the price of one. It would be a rare find if you could find that deal.

Where can one buy Holden Commodore cars in the UK?

One can buy Holden Commodore cars from online dealers in the UK. One may also be able to find a person selling a Holden Commodore car locally through local newspapers.

How do you find out if a car you want to buy is being repossessed?

Simple. Ask to see the title. If it has the name of the person selling it, he/she has full ownership. If it has a bank name or another name on it, or they cannot produce the title don't touch it.

How can you find out where your repossed vehicle is being auctioned at Too try an buy it back?

Bank or loan company who repossessed it.

How can someone find cars in Tipperary?

To find cars in Tipperary you could go online and search through multiple different websites such as Buy And Sell. These websites are designed to find cars.

Where can one buy cheap cars online?

Craigslist is one site in which one can buy cars cheaply online. Another site is Cars, which is a website that helps consumers find cars at their desired price.

Where could a person buy a Saab 9000 Aero?

It is a shame that the Saab motor company no longer makes cars. Its cars were just a bit different and stood out from the crowd. One might find a 9000 Aero to buy on the Saab Scene website or Auto Trader.

Where can someone get more information on the Buy Right cars?

Someone can get more information on the Buy Right cars on the official Buy Right Cars website. On this website one can find contact information and company information.

How can you buy a repossessed truck?

Go to bank or other place that repossessed the truck. Pay cash for it etc

Where to buy repossessed motorhomes?

where you need to go to buy repossessed motorhomes, varies according to where you live. Obviously, the best place to buy is to buy them less than 200 miles from your home. That way they are easier to inspect before buying, and they are easier to transport. If you find a good deal on a motorhome that is for sale in Alaska, you have to take into consideration that it will probably cost you $2000 to drive it home. The best place to find repossessed motorhomes and RVs is to either find them for sale by a credit union, or else try to find them at a local auction. Sometimes you can even get a good deal on motorhomes that are in pre-for closure. Whenby these motorhomes you have an opportunity to short sell the bank and save a lot of money in the process.

Where can find cars to buy on the internet?


Where can you find where to buy cars?

i have no idea but i heard is good NOT!!!!!!!

How can you buy a repossessed vehicle directly from the bank?

Banks often keep repossessed vehicles in their parking garages. or in an appropriate storage area a reasonable distance from the bank. Walk into the bank and ask for the person in-charge of repossessed vehicles. Once onto the right department, state that you wish to purchase a particular repossessed vehicle when the title has cleared with the bank...and don't be intimidated into thinking you can't bargain, you can. Good luck.