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How can a plant grow faster?

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give it fertilizer and water and light

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What liquid makes a plant grow faster?

Water is the liquid that makes plants grow faster. Also Plant Food make the Plant Grow Faster.

What makes a plant grow faster vinegar or water?

Water makes plant grow faster then vinegar

Do do a plant grow faster in the sun without water or do a plant grow faster in shade with water?

Depends upon type of plant .

Will a plant grow faster in a windy or windless area?

a plant will grow faster in a windless area because if a plant is i a windy area it can be extremely damaging to the plant. (it depends which plant it is)

What makes a plant grow faster if watered by milk or water?

Water would make the plant grow faster.

Will a plant grow faster with coca-cola or sunnyd?

Well the plant will grow faster with the juice because it has vitamins.

Which makes a plant grow faster soda or water?

soda will make the plant grow faster. i tried vinilla zero and the plant grew to be 7 inches

Why the plant needs water?

To make plant grow faster

Does sprite help plants grow faster?

It doesn't help the plant grow faster, but it slows the death of the plant due to the sucrose in the beverage.

How do you get your plant to grow faster?

You can use fertilizer to help your plant grow faster. Be sure to use the proper type of fertilizer for the plant. Don't over fertilize because that may kill the plant.

Does a plant grow faster without music?

no with music grows faster

Which plant grows faster lily or daisy?

daisy grow faster.

Does a flower or plant grow faster?


Do plant grow faster with fretilizer?


Does water coke or milk make a plant grow faster?

Does water, coke or milk grow faster?

Do bean plant grow faster than tomatoes?

do bean plants grow faster than tomatos

Does an indoor bean plant or outdoor bean plant grow faster?

It always grows faster in the outside

Does a plant grow faster with water or an energy drink?

Plants grow faster with water because, it can get its own glucose through photosynthesis. On the other side energy drinks are full of weird colors and stuff anyway, which wouldn't help the plant to grow but the energy in the drink would probably give the plant the energy to grow faster. Water is free from all the chemicals, and helps the plant to grow faster.

Does a corn plant grow faster than a pea plant?


What grows faster a plant in the sun with no water or a plant in a closet with water?

the one in the sun with no faster grows faster because the plant NEEDS sun to grow

Does fertilizer help a plant grow faster?

Fertilizer helps a plant grow because it add nutrition to the plant which helps the plant to thrive!

Can plant grow faster in the sunlight or if it watered?

on water because it gives the plant more energy to grow

Will sugar help a plant grow faster or will salt?

Sugar (more specifically, glucose) will help a plant grow faster. Salt kills most plants.

Can you fine the research for which plant will grow faster with fertilizer one in the dark and the other in the sunlight?

No research is necessary. Fertilizer or no fertilizer, the plant in the light will grow faster.

Does a plant grow faster using milk or water?

Anonymous, A plant grows faster with water than with milk.

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