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How can a pokemon transform to a egg?

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u leave two pokemon at A daycare center. And they are the same pokemon then little pokemon jr is born. Or any pokemon with ditto

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How do you get a Pokémon egg at daycare in Pokémon black?

Find and catch a Pokemon that knows the move transform and keep it with the type of Pokemon you want to be in the egg.

How do you transform ditto into other Pokemon?

You use the move transform But My Ditto didn't Transform to other Pokemon

When Pokemon are making an egg in daycare how long does it take to make?

Almost any Pokemon can make any egg. The only exceptions are the Legondaries. You do know that you need a male and a female of the same Pokemon, or a Pokemon and a Ditto (Due to ditto's transform, it can be a mate for any Pokemon). It depends on the Pokemon. Some Pokemon make an egg fast, some make an egg slow. It just takes time like anything else worth waiting for;)

How can you get TM containing Transform in Pokemon LeafGreen?

You cannot get Transform as a TM. Transform does not exist as a TM in Pokemon Leaf Green, nor does it in any other Pokemon game.

Does Ditto evolve?

Ditto can never evolve but he can transform in battle using his (only) move, Transform. Creative name, right? It can transform into any Pokemon! He transforms into one of the opponent's Pokemon. You can choose which Pokemon (of your opponent's) to transform into if he has more than one Pokemon.

How do you get the TM transform in HeartGold?

There is no TM transform in Pokemon HeartGold

Can Ditto transform into other Pokemon on Pokemon indigo?

well in my experience ditto can use transform but it has no effect

Diitto can transform in every Pokemon?

when you are battling a Pokemon use transform and it will bvecome that Pokemon and know its moves and ability for this battle (Works On Legendary Pokemon Aswell)

Why is Zoroark the only Pokemon that can transform?

It isn't!Ditto can iswell!But if your only talking about the new Pokemon then yes,Zoroark is the only Pokemon that can transform.

What Pokemon can transform?

wrong castform and cherrim and ditto and latitas can transform.

How can you make Ditto transform into any Pokemon?

you can only transform into the enemy.

When does Rotom transform in Pokemon Diamond?

Unfortunately, Rotom does not transform in pokemon diamond, just in platinum, heartgold and soulsilver

Can you transform a Pokemon in Pokemon diamond?

You can't really transform Pokemon, (accept with ditto) but when a certain Pokemon reaches a level, it turns into a stronger/bigger Pokemon. It's called evolution.

How is the egg Pokemon named?

A Pokemon egg have no name, but when the egg hatches you can give the Pokemon a nickname.

Where do you get the transform on Pokemon Pearl?

get ditto

Can a Ditto transform into a kuriboh?

no ditto cannot transform in to kuriboh because kuriboh is not a Pokemon

Can a Dewott learn transform on Pokemon black or white?

No, Dewott cannot learn Transform.

On Pokemon Pearl what Pokemon can hatch a egg?

Any Pokemon can hatch a egg really except for legendary Pokemon not including manaphy which you can get an egg in Pokemon ranger.

How can Ditto Transform in to anther Pokemon?

Use Ditto's ONLY move Transform.Note: only for the battle or until used on a different Pokemon

How does Kyuren transform into black Kyuren in Pokemon Black?

You can't make it transform in Pokemon Black, only Black 2 or White 2.

How do you trraform into a Pokémon in Pokémon black?

You can't transform into a Pokemon. Unless you are talking about a Pokemon that can transform, that would be Ditto. Which is in Giant Chasm in the fields.

When does an egg hatch in Pokemon LeafGreen?

It depends on what Pokemon is in the egg.

What Pokemon is in the egg in Pokemon Pearl?

You will have to hatch the egg to find out.

How do you get a Pokemon that knows transform in Pokemon black?

catch a ditto or a poregon

What animals can transform?

Ditto, one of the original 151 Pokemon, can transform. In reality, animals are not transformers.