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You cant! Unfortunately, I called them all for my bosses businesses (he has 9 businesses) One said you needed over 100 accounts to report and another said you needed at least 500 accounts to be able to report a client.

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Q: How can a small business join a credit bureau so they can report bad debt?
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Where do you go to register your small business with the credit bureau to start establishing business credit?

Open up a line of credit with a bank or get a credit card in the business' name. Those entities will report to the credit bureaus based on your usage of the credit line.

How do small businesses report clients to the credit bureau?

Consult with a debt collector. They have the legal qualifications to report to credit reporting agencies.

If someone fails to pay on a promissory note can you report them to the credit bureau?

small claims court

What would one find at the Free Credit Report website?

At a Free Credit Report website one can find: personal services, business products and services, small businesses, like checking business credit, verify the accuracy of one's credit, credit report and score.

As a small business how do you report bad payment history?

Small businesses should report bad payment history to a business credit reporting agency. A few of the key business credit reporting agencies are Dun & Bradstreet, Experian and Equifax.

Where can one view their Experian Business Credit report?

The Experian Business Check allows you to instantly check a company or a director credit report online. It's not a free service however so you have to be prepared to pay a small fee to use the report service.

How does a small business report to a credit agency?

If I were a small biz... I would go to Google and search for Experian, Trans-Union, and whatever that other credit reporting agency is, or just search for credit reporting agencies, go to their websites and look for info on how to report.

What are the downfalls in using a small business credit card?

Many credit card companies will require that the credit card be guaranteed by the business owner. This means that the credit card would show up on the business owner’s credit report. This might pose a problem if you get into substantial debt.

Do you know how much the charge is for an eperian credit report?

There is no such thing as an eperian credit report. Perhaps you meant Experian Credit Report? In that case, it depends on what kind of service (personal, enterprise, small business, credit education) you are seeking. Currently, to get your own credit report, it costs $1.

Can you as a small business owner report a non-paying customer to a credit bureau and if so what is required?

Answerthe last i heard, you have to join a credit bureau, which can cost $400 a year (there are 3, i think, experian, equifax and something else) but you'd have to wait up to a year for them to pay. the other alternative is to send a demand letter and if that doesn't work, take them to court. if they lose, it will appear on the credit report.You can also report your difficult or nonpaying customers at http://www.clientcritic.comIt is free to join! Check it out!

How can a small business get hold of a credit card?

You can receive a credit card for a small business by approaching your local bank or credit union. Chances are if you had the capital to start your business you also have the credit needed to receive a credit card.

How do I improve my business's credit rating to get better small business loan rates?

The short answer is to pay all your vendors on time. Additionally, check your business credit profile. Dun & Bradstreet and the big three credit bureaus all keep business reports, check your report to make sure it represents your business and payment history.

How do I get a business line of credit?

You can get a business line of credit from a bank. You can also check with the Small Business Administration.

You have a tenant that walked out with 9 more months on their lease How can you report this to the credit bureau?

You would have to become a contributing member of the credit bureau in question to contribute information on an individual. This is not always possible (legally), nor cost-worthy. However, if you wanted to sue your former tenant in small claims or civil court; if you prevail and are granted a judgment, THAT legal item would get picked up and eventually show on the person's credit report.

Who do you call when you think you've been scammed by a business or salesperson?

Depends on who. Company, report them to the Better Business Bureau.  Individual, sue them. Small business, try a local television station.

Where can one get information on establishing a business line of credit?

There are a number of websites where one could find information on establishing a business line of credit including Small Business, Small Business Online Community and the Small Business Administration.

Can you take out a loan for small business credit cards?

Some banks will give you a loan for a small business if you have the proper credit. And yes, there are some credit cards available specifically for small businesses.

Is a small business credit card necessary for a business?

You can use your personal credit card and save the receipts for your business or it would be wiser to get a separate credit card just for your business expenses. TD bank offers a visa card for small business companies that can also have a line of credit.

What are the best small business credit cards?

There are a number of excellent small business credit cards. The best will vary depending on the features a business is looking for. Some of the best small business credit cards are the BMO Premium CashBack Mastercard and the American Express Business Gold Rewards Card.

Can you as a small business owner report a non paying customer to a credit bureau and if so what is required?

You have not stated where your business is.Different States, Provinces and Countries have different rules.In General:You must be able to prove the debt as valid, if you report and can't prove the debt you will be in legal trouble.Call the credit reporting agency, they will help you with how to report.If you need to figure out who to call ask your bank. They will have the #.

What company provides small business credit cards with benefits?

One company that provides a small business credit card with benefits is Chase. This credit line is the ChaseINK line.

Does capital one offer small business credit cards?

Capital One does offer small business credit cards. You can apply with a 0% introductory APR. Capital One provides 6 different small business credit cards to suit small business owners needs with no annual fees and no limit on rewards.

How do I get a credit account for my small business?

Credit for your business depends on how your business is set up. Generally, your own personal credit rating will come into play unless the business is well-established and has its own credit rating.

Is there a comprehensive list of small business credit card offers?

Yes there is a comprehensive list of credit card offers for small business. According to Consumerism Commentary, there are many types of credit cards for small businesses, such as the Ink Cash business card from Chase.

Where can you find a transunion credit report?

To get a TransUnion credit report you can go directly to their website and fill out an application for a report. You can also find many companies that will help you get your credit report from all 3 major credit agencies for a small fee. Most even have a free trial!