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Through the study of child development a teacher can understand the processes of learning. The brain has developmental time frames for learning and unless it is ready to learn it won't learn no matter how well you teach it. Children grow in stages and so does the brain. According to Piaget there are age base stages for learning concepts. Piaget believed that the biological activities are a result of adaptation to the physical environment. In other words, thinking involves adaptation to an environment and results in organization of the mind. According to Piaget cognitive development proceeds through a series of stages and each stage is different from the other. He divided the stages of cognitive development into: Sensory motor intelligence ages 0-2 preoperational thought 2-7 years old concrete operations 7-11 years old (this is where most school age children are). A student who counts on their fingers is in this stage. To present abstract thinking in this stage is very hard for them to learn and understand. A teacher who doesn't know this will have a hard time with lessons because they may base the lessons on too an abstract thinking process. Much of our state/standardized testing doesn't use this information when writing the test questions. formal operations 11-15 years. Some students never really reach this stage or lag and are still in concrete operations in high school. By using the information above and knowing other theories of development a teacher can plan better lessons so their students can learn the information. This is just a short answer to a question that can take a whole life to answer. This is not the only theory of learning. Howard Gardner with his Project Zero school thinks there are 9 forms of intelligence and that schools need to figure out what the intelligence each student uses and teach to that. As a teacher if you do not know something about the theories and have a philosophy concerning teaching you will be teaching "in the dark" and never really understand what teaching really is about.

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Q: How can a teacher use the information about childhood development to plan lesson's?
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