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If a teen become too serious and engrossed in the relationship, it can effect their studies, social time with other people and have a huge influence on life choices when they leave school.

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What is the best age to have your first boyfriend?

Matters what you want in a relationship, if you want a dirtier relationship then in the teen years would be best. For a less dirty more friend way relationship go for pre teen and younger. :D hope this helped:D))

Why does music effect the way we act?

how does music effect people today?how does music effect people today?

Is my teen drinking behind my back?

When talking to your teen you need to approach them in a way that is not degrading or accusatory. Just sit with them in a relaxing way and explain to them the effects that drinking can have on them and how it could effect their lives.

How do you act like a child?

well the way you can act like a child is by doing stuff you did as a child but from a teen take my advice egg the houses

How does media and music effect teens?

As a 16 yr old i strongly belive that yes music does effect the way we act the way we think it has an effect on alot of what we do today

What is different from teen dating and normal dating?

They are a little bit of the same except Teen Dating is like the unmature way of relationships which sometimes you don't deal with the drama. Normal Dating is the serious mature way of a relationship and there can be lots of drama like divorce,fights,lots more than a teenage relationship.

Depo shot and alcohol interaction?

Is there any way that alcohol could effect the way you act when you are one the depo shot?

How do Islamic teen girls act towards Islamic teen boys?

Depends how strict theyve been raised, or how Americanized they are. Turks tends to be..looser. Arabs are way more uptight. Again, depends.

What is meant by cause and effect relationships?

A cause and effect relationship is very similar to the way it sounds. One event causes another, which in turn has a given effect on itself or its surroundings.

How patient should act to health care professionals to have a good professional relationship?

Patients should act with respect. The best way to ensure a good professional relationship is by treating each other appropriately according to the situation.

How should you act in a relationship?

The way you should act in a relationship is just to be yourself, not get jealous if he is hanging out with other girls and not always want him to give up something eg football to spend more time with you espessialy if that is his lunch time activity.

What is best way to insure a teen driver?

Shop for insurance companies that specialize in teen drivers. Compare their rates to adding the teen onto the parents insurance. Often adding the teen to existing insurance is the less expensive way to go.

How do you know if your teen is getting ready for sex?

There really is no way to tell because when we mature we all act the same, and we definatly arent going to tell you. Good luck.

What do you do when a same sex gender is pressuring your teen into a relationship?

No matter what the sex is, if someone is pressuring your teen into a relationship, you have to stand in. Your child's (teens hate to be called children, or any variation of it by the way)safety should be your number one priority. You should have a serious conversation with them and let them know that you won't judge them if they choose to accept, but that they should only accept if it is what THEY want.

How does marijuana effect your family?

you are stupid! the way you act because of marijuana will influence little siblings and other family members

How does teen pregnancy effect the lives of your family?

It becomes a shameful matter for the whole family . And the girl will no longer be trusted out alone, and if a baby comes on the way . Then what to do is a big problem.

What are the effect in a relationship?

The effects to a relationship is what one another take from being in a relationship with their significant other. Like learning a certain way to treat the one you care about because you were treated so good in another relationship. Also you could learn characteristics that you wouldn't want to treat someone with because you didnt feel good when you were treated in that certain way.

Why is peer pressure especially dangerous for someone with problems at home?

beacuse your home life can effect the choices you make and the way you act

Do boyfriends get In the way of education?

Yes they can because you spend more time on your relationship than on your education which does effect your studies - I'm talking from experience.

What are the effects of teen pregnancy?

the effect are a bad repution. ahead of your teen life... because haveing a baby at a sertain age with effect things behond life: it will effect your school work applances atc.... things will always sometimes not work... just becarful out their teens that aree ready this... and bby the way better tell yo bf to use a condom they always help things out(: have fun buh bbye<3

What is the relationship between social harm and criminal conduct?

The relationship between social harm and criminal conduct is simply they can both effect society in a negative way and therefore there must be laws to protect society from these acts.

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