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How can a you make money to buy an iPod?


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2009-07-10 02:16:13
2009-07-10 02:16:13

I just got an ipod and i earned the money by selling some older video games and stuff on ebay, or you could have a yard sale. It all depends on how old you are


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I don't really think so. If you use your iTunes money, you won't have any on your iPod. I believe that you can exchange your iTunes money for REAL money, then buy an iPod with that money. So, it's basically possible.

BUY THE IPOD TOUCH ITS AWESOME and anyway shopping sprees are fun but with the amount of money for an ipod touch u can't buy much!

Instead of buying IPod Touch, save your money to buy things that more worthy than IPod Touch. Look at this, IPod touch makes you fat because your common hobby will be sitting while using IPod. Think about the people in poor countries like Africa; you can donate your money to them. Or probably you just wanted to buy IPod to make yourself look cool while at school, etc.

You could buy an ipod, a computer/laptop, a tv, or save the money for a car.

You can buy it at any age as long as you have money.

You have to have iTunes.... When you got the iPod it shouldve come with an itunes app already in it..... look up the song you want then click buy song... just make sure you have money on your ipod....

I'd prefer Ipod Touch. You can get free apps if you jailbreak it. It worth the money.

Sell as much of there stuff as possible and make alot of money off the people that buy it all.

when you buy an ipod you plug it in your computer and you should be able to make a itunes account or just go on and b able to buy or download music!!!! ;)

no all you need is the money to purchase it .

if you want you can buy is to make your ipod nano to watch

you have to buy them in itunes under ipod games and make sure its for the ipod nano your generation

If you mean how can you get Microsoft Word on your iPod, then you can buy it in the App Store.

Do what i did. Save up enough money to buy it yourself!

I'd buy an iPod touch, which I did. It's worth it!

doesnt make sense there wont be ipod 2 there is ipod touch ipod nano ipod classic and ipod shuffle they dont call it ipod 2 or 3 p.s buy the ipod touch its the best ipod

you cant. Its impossible. u need to buy the ipod touch if u want one

When planning to buy iPod accessories, be sure to comparison shop first. Shopping online for iPod accessories can save a lot of money. It also gives many more options and ideas to accessorize the iPod. Accessories for iPods include a car charger and case. These are essential items for anyone who owns an iPod. IPod speakers are one of the best investments that iPod users can make as well. It charges the iPod while allowing the user to listen to music.

Ipod touch.. too much money spent on a iphone and a ipod touch you can play awesome games and internet and pictures and music and lots more!

an ipod touch range from 200 dollars U.S. to 400 dollars U.S. depending on the type of ipod touch you buy! : ) this is my signature

To get money, fame and an awesome Icon.

buy them from iTunes store, connect iPod make sure iPod is set to sync Games sync, play

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