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Well that's my age and I'm not sure you would be able to do that. Especially alone. You might want to make a debate. Get your school into it. Ask your principle if you can start a club. Hope this helps. =)

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Q: How can an 11 year old help stop tigers from going extinct?
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How can you stop Siberian tigers from getting extinct?

To stop Siberian Tigers from becoming extinct we can stop destroying their natural habitat and do not buy any animal parts.

Why are Siberian tigers extinct?

I am happy to report that Siberian tigers are not extinct. Unfortunately, they are endangered, and could become extinct if people do not stop poachers who kill them (and all types of tigers), for their beautiful hides.

What can you do to stop tigers going extinct?

you can help by not destroying their homes. you can help by not huting or poaching their food. and by far the most important you can help by not hunting or poaching those tigers. they dont even need to be held in captivity.

What is been done to stop white tigers from coming extinct?

==People are raising money for charities that help and poachers are fined if they kill them ==

How do you stop pandas from going extinct?

By not poaching

What is being done to help the humpback whale from going extinct?

people are starting 2 stop poching and harpooning whales so that they will live

How are baby tigers born?

They usually claw there way out of the mothers mouth, which often results in the mothers death. STOP TIGER BREEDING! IT IS MAKING THEM EXTINCT! GOD HELP THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ='[

What can you do to help extinct gorrilas?

stop hunting them like yea

What are people doing to stop the giant panda from going extinct?

helping them

How do you stop zebra from being extinct?

just help the zebras habbitat

When is music going to stop?

About the time humans go extinct, but maybe not even then.

What can you do to save the Indochinese tiger from becoming extinct?

If man had not killed them all, they might have been saved.