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How can an illegal immigrant get child support?

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2006-07-19 12:39:54

I know that if you are illegal in the US, they will deport you.

If your child is a US Citizen, the child will stay in the US and

you will go back to your country of origin. They are trying to fix

this problem, because of so many illegal immigrants coming across

the border illegally and are having children. Well the children

stay in the US and the parents are sent back. * Contact the state's

department of children and family services for assistance.

Immigration status does not relieve a parent of the right to

receive support for their child or receive public assistance if

necessary. Deportation is not "automatic" each case is assessed on

the individual circumstances. Any child born in the US is a

citizen. In such a situation the child is referred to as an "anchor

baby" meaning the unlawfully present parent generally is given the

opportunity to remain in the US. Children are NEVER taken from a

parent simply because the parent is unlawfully present within the


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