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I suppose the best answer is to do it your way, just try, and see what happens! Or, is Audacity the name of a computer program?

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My electirc guitar sound really muffled on Audacity as well miking the amp.

Try Audacity, the free sound recorder and editor.

Anything that makes sound.

Open audacity, add sound or music, highlight the timeline, click on effect, you should see reverse, now click on reverse.

You should try using audacity it's free and it does the pitch change that you want

Both are software's and nothing else. Photoshop is image editing and audacity is to record and work with sound.

a timbre.The sound of the instruments sans the vocals in the song is called the instrumental sound of the song.

Audacity is a free open source program that you can make and edit sound effects. Here's how you use it: 1.record a sound on your microphone 2. Edit the sound. 3. Export the sound as an mp3 or wav. 4. Upload it to the internet . Here are some examples:

For Windows, I would check out Audacity for basic sound editing and Wavelab Essentials for more mastering abilities. For Mac, Audacity and Peak LE.

It is not possible, however the way that degrades the sound quality the least is audacity

It's the sound/vocals in a song.

For sound alone, go with Audacity. For video editing, Cinelerra.

Audacity. It is a very good sound editor and music maker.

Try Downloading Audacity.You May Need To Change The Setting, Ill Put A You Tube Links On All You Will Need To Do When I Get Home.Becasue You Have To Do 2 Things:1) Change The Settings2) Make It So You Can Export As Mp3Audacity Will Record Any Sound You Computer Makes When Recording.Thats The Only Bad Part.Answered By DjLowseYou Know You Love Me :]

There are two software which allows you to make you voice sound computerized.AV Voice Changer SoftwareAudacity

Consonants modify the sound of vowels. The primary sound is always that of the vowel.

First you need to change the format. To do that, right click on a song and select "create mp3 version", then just edit it using a sound editor. Ex. audacity is a good program for that

Adjectives modify pronoun the same as adjectives modify nouns. Adjectives are not often used to modify pronouns because it can sound awkward, but it is not incorrect to do so. Examples:Silly me, I locked my keys in the car again.The same old you, generous to a fault.You make him sound like the dumb one.Lucky her, she doesn't have to explain it to you.

It's possible, but will not produce a recording with good sound quality. If recording with one microphone you should record guitar and vocals separately and overlap the sounds. A good program for doing this that is free is Audacity. You can record the guitar part and the listen to the recording while you sing to a playback.

Well if you ask me it sound suspiciously like robert plant

Yes. Select the sound you want to apply the effect to, go to Effects, and click Echo.

Is sound a chemical change?

First of all you need to have the microphone hooked up to the computer before you load audacity. Second you need to go into the control panel of the PC and find sound devices, and choose the input to the location of where you pluged in the mic.

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