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How can balance be kept to maintain the kundalini in the risen state?



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Just an easy question then!

Well, briefly I would say that one would definitely need to be brave because fear itself is a very destructive force or state of mind, which can actually cause one to put to much kundalini through one centre without being psychically ready for such enlargement of consciousness. Also many of those who have brought Kundalini up to a certain centre become so fearfull of the experience that they rush to put her down the spine too quickly and the result of the excitation of subtle forces down the spine in this case, can cause great psychological problems and nervous impairments and so forth.

Basically, because of the above, in the more demanding aspects of Kundalini practice we must seek the direct supervision of a master of yoga, who knows the implication of the more dangerous practices through experience.

Once Kundalini has been risen, in her entirety, this process will continue, in one way or another! Therefore, if this power has been directly activated, then I would use the energy correctly! In other words, give this energy unto others through spiritual healing, prayer, dispensing your great love to the world as a whole, and learn also how to control this energy within you by balancing this inner tumult with Meditation, Contemplation and Concentrative exercises with the outer methods of selfless service mentioned above, or through whatever form of Karma Yoga you choose as your means to make your metaphysics a practical thing.