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How can biotechnology solve environmental problems?

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Biotechnology is the development of products by using a biological process. Many problems associated with water, air, and soil contaminants can be fixed with new biotechnology.

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What is the Use of living things to solve practical problems called?


What is the first step to using ecology to solve environmental problems?

The first step is to identify the problem when trying to solve environmental problems.

What is the application of technology to solve problems affecting living organisms called?


Biotechnology is best defined as?

the use of technology to solve medical problems in living organisms

What are the 5 steps to solve environmental problems?


The use of technology to solve crimes?

How is biotechnology used to solve crimes? How is biotechnology used to solve crimes?

How can environmental unity help solve the environmental problems?

Environmental unity will help people to solve environmental problems because there will be more consensus on the best means of preserving resources. Endless debate and taking sides often leads to poor environmental policy implementation.

How do you solve environmental problems in east Asia?

It is up to the population of east Asia to demand that their governments organize their national economies and their industrial regulations in such a way as to solve environmental problems.

Can chemistry can solve your environmental problems?

It is possible but only partially.

Is pure scientific research carried out primarily to solve environmental problems?


How can ecozones help solve environmental problems?

ecozones link up everything

Can mankind solve environmental problems in the world?

yes we just have to work hard

A geographer who helps a community solve problems with water contamination is a?

environmental geographer

What has the author Teruo Higa written?

Teruo Higa has written: 'An earth saving revolution' -- subject(s): Biotechnology, Economic aspects, Economic aspects of Biotechnology, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Biotechnology, Social aspects, Social aspects of Biotechnology

The environmental problems that the western farmers faced and how they attempted to solve thos problems?

i dont know what ur talking about

What are the Common environmental problems that can solve by scientific method?

avoid doing unnecessary things that will bring problems to our environment

How can you solve environmental problems?

Environmental problems can be solved if people are taught the importance of conservation. It can also be a good idea to embrace green products as a way of keeping the environment safe.

What are the branches of biotechnology which can be chosen to study?

There are many branches of biotechnology- genetic engineering molecular biology plant tissue culture animal tissue culture immunology industrial biotechnology environmental biotechnology bioinformatics nano biotechnology

What is one task of an environmental scientist?

One task of an environmental scientist is to develop liaisons between the natural world and humans. They perform experiments and solve problems dealing with environmental issues.

Why is discoveries important?

discoveries are important because it helps people solve ecological,environmental,and individual problems

A geographer who helps a community solve problems with water contamination could very likely be a?

environmental geographer

A geographer who helps a community solve problems with water contamination could very likely be an?

environmental geographer

What environmental problems can bamboo solve?

Bamboo can solve deforestation which is a big problem on our planet! Since bamboo is the fastest growing tree, it is easier not to loose our oxygen!

What has the author Conrad von Kameke written?

Conrad von Kameke has written: 'Gemeinschaftliches Gentechnikrecht' -- subject(s): Biotechnology, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Biotechnology, Genetic engineering, Law and legislation

How can trigonometry contribute to the eradication of the economical and environmental problems of the society?

It requires more than Trigonometry to solve these issues. The answer is simply : It cannot.