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they eat the bad bugs and keep the tree healthy!

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How do birds help trees?

Some birds help in the pollination process but most birds that eat the fruits with the seeds are not digested and when the birds fly to a distant palace the droppings help the seeds to emerge as new plants. Bird droppings are rich in phosphates & calcium essential for the growth & development of the trees. Some harmful insects and pathogens are picked by the birds from trees.

How do birds help the trees?

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How are birds useful to us?

they help to increase the population of trees

How do trees help birds and animals?

They give many birds and animals a safe place to nest and raise there young.

Which group of living things can help reduce the amount of carbon dioxide reptiles birds trees or mushroom?


When was The Birds on the Trees created?

The Birds on the Trees was created in 1970.

How does a bird help a tree?

Birds help in pollination process. Birds eat the fruits with the seeds and when the birds fly to distant places the droppings containing the seed emerge as new plants from the soil. The dropping of the birds are rich in phosphates and calcium .They help in the development of the plant. They can help trees by picking out the insects & other pathogens harmful to the tree. eg woodpeckers who drill holes in trees for insects to emerge from inside the tree and pick them.

How are birds different from trees?

This is a very stupid question whoever asked it. I will answer it anyway. Differences Between:Trees:Birds:1. Trees have trunks 1. Birds do not provide homes for animals2. Trees have leaves 2. Birds do not have roots3. Trees can't fly 3. Birds lay eggs4. Trees can't make vocal voices 4. Birds do not need the sun to grow5. Trees don't have wings 5. Birds eat worms6. Trees are not small 6. Birds have webbed feet (some do)7. Trees do not have feathers 7. Birds are people's pets8. Trees do not have bones 8. Birds have predators (cats, possums)9. Trees do not have beaks 9. Birds do not rustle in the wind10. You can get splinters from trees 10. Birds are alive

Does a dead bird help a tree?

Yes! The tree benefits from the nutrients the bird "gave it to." It is a bad thing seeing a bird dying, but at least, it helps trees, and trees help people breathe. So don't feel too bad seeing birds die, at least it saved a tree and us. HOPE THIS HELPED! BIRDS DO HELP DEAD TREES!

What 2 birds live in trees?

most birds live in trees not just 2

Are birds the only ones to live in trees?

Birds are not the only animals who live in trees.

What has the author Rex Brasher written?

Rex Brasher has written: 'Birds & trees of North America' -- subject(s): Birds, Trees, Pictorial works 'Rex Brashers Birds and Trees of North America' -- subject(s): Birds, Trees, Pictorial works

How do trees effect birds?

Trees effect trees by giving them food.

How forest is important for birds?

Birds live in trees. Many trees are in forests. With so many trees in one forest, this provides for a huge ecosystem for birds. Forests are their natural habitat and they can interact with other birds in a forest.

What are tree clinging birds?

Birds that hang on to trees!

What trees do black birds like?

tall trees

Name two animals that help plant qnd trees with either pollination or seed dispersal?

Two animals that help plant and trees with either pollination or seed dispersal includes birds and insects.

How does trees help environment?

Trees are like the lungs of the planet. They breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen. Additionally, they provide habitat for birds and other wildlife. But that's not all trees do for us!

What birds live in tall trees?

There are a variety of birds that live in tall trees. Some of these birds include the red-tailed hawk, and the bald eagle.

Where do birds nest?

in trees

How do you rid trees of birds?

Placement of rubber snakes around the trunk and on the branches is a way of ridding trees of birds.

Do seed eating birds eat trees?

Considering that the name is "seed-eating", the birds eat seeds, not trees.

How do birds depend on trees?

Well birds build nests in them.

How does a birds beak help you identify its habitat?

Their beak adapts to their niche. Like a hummingbird, they have long beaks in order to pick out bark in trees, so they live in trees.

Are ravens made out of trees?

ravens are birds and trees are plants!!

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