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Q: How can cake flour be converted to self raising flour?
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Is cake flour self raising flour or plain flour?

If you are making a cake, use Self-raising flour. Always check the recipe to be certain, though.

Can cake flour be replaced with self raising flour?


Can you use self raising flour instead of cake flour?

no otherwise the cake will RISE

What makes a cake rise?

self raising flour

Why use self raising flour in a cake?

it's not necessarily to use self raising flour to make a cake,you can use also plain flour,the self raising flour had rising agent already,like baking powder and bicarbonate of soda.

Why use self-raising flour?

you use self-raising flour so that when the cake is cooking it rises and it adds to the mixture you use too make a cake :)

What is 9oz self raising flour?

9 ounces of self rising flour, as opposed to cake flour or all purpose flour.

What is the difference between wholemeal flour and self raising flour?

The difference is that wholemeal flour doesn't make the cake rise like the self raising flour does. Hope it help...

What does self-rasing flour do in a cake?

Self raising flour makes the cake rise, but if you don't have any you can use plain flour and baking powder which has the same effect. 225g plain flour and 4 teaspoons baking powder, will transform it into self raising flour.

Can you use plain flour instead of self raising flour when baking a cake?

yes,you can

Can baking mix be substituted for self rising flour?

No it Can't Because the Self - Raising Flour Raises the cake or whatever you are making. So unless You Want a flat cake then.... Baking mix can not be substituted for self - raising flour. :)

Can you make a cake without self raising flour?

Self-raising flour is just flour plus baking powder. All-purpose flour or cake flour should work just fine. AND ... You will have to add the baking powder that is included in self-raising flour. Add one teaspoon baking powder per cup of flour.

Why do you need to use self raising flour in a cake?

self raising flour is basically plain flour with baking powder in it so for a cake you can use plain flour with baking powder but it is easier to use self raising and it also has other raising agents. you need to use it to make you cake rise, if your cake didn't rise it would be small and very dense making its texture not as nice to consume.

Can you use cake flour instead of self raising whole wheat flour for making cake?

That depends on what kind of cake your baking. . .

Do you use self-raising flour or plain flour for a sponge cake?

You should use SR Flour

When it says you need self raising flour for date cake how much baking powder is required to make plain flour into self raising?

What do you think?

What does self raising flour do in baked products?

makes the cake rise

What is the difference between cake flour and self raising flour?

Cake flour is designed to have a low protein content, which results in goods being lighter and more crumbly, compared to when you use all-purpose (or all-purpose self-raising) flour. Sometimes cake flour has leavening agents in it, to make it "self-raising" (but with a low protein content). You can use self-raising flour instead, but the result may not be quite as light as anticipated. You should also bear in mind that not all cake flours are self-raising, so you may end up adding more leavening agents than required if you switch to self-raising.

Can you substitute plain flour for self raising?

Yes, you can substitute plain flour for self raising flour. However, you will have to use a raising agent as well, such as baking powder, otherwise the cake won't rise.

What is self raising flour used for?

Self raising flour is refined flour (maida) that contains raising agent (baking powder). So if you are using self raising flour to make a cake, you don't have to add baking powder to it. But if you are using the ordinary refined flour, you have to add baking powder.

What is the function of self raising flour in a cake?

To give the cake height and a bread-like texture :)

Is cake flour different from regular flour?

to make a cake you generally use self raising flour. if you wanted to make your cake a bit healthier you could use wholemeal flour.

Is plain flour and baking powder the same as self-raising flour?

No. Self raising flour already has baking soda mixed into it (which is another leavening agent used in cake baking)

Is cake flour self raising?

Not all of flours are self-raising that's why we buy, self-raising, white flour etc. However if you use a teaspoon or two (maybe three depending on the size of the cake) you will have the same effect. (Although the cake mixture might not taste the same =D

What happens in a cake if you dont use self-raising flour?

It wont rise.