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what if a fire happened who would you contact

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What can be done to improve safety on this project?

What can be done to improve safety on this project

Can you text in school?

well of course not you are in school and it is rong to have cellphones in school

How do cellphones affect our lives?

stuff happens to cellphones, like yo wats up, improve this phone so it can affect our lives yo.

Why are cellphones allowed in school?

depends o which school. prob not

Why are cellphones so bad in school?

Cellphones are bad in school because they can cause a distraction and they can cheat on assignments and also they might not be social with friends. STOP THE USAGE OF PHONES IN SCHOOL NOW!

Should cellphones be used in grades 7 and up?

Yes , Normally people get cellphones when they go to middle school

Why do teachers not let kids have cellphones at school?

This is purely spectulation, but I believe teachers don't allow cellphones because of how distracting they are.

Should students be allowed to use their cell phone during lunch?

I personaly think that student COULD be allowed to use cellphones during lunch. But if your school DON'T allow you use cellphones, then I suggest you don't use them so you don't get in trouble. If your school ALLOWS you use cellphones, then you could use them if your not going to get in trouble. In my school, we could use ipods, ipads, cellphones, etc.

Use of cellphones in school?

Yeah that's very nice thought but it may be prohibited in your school !

Why students need their cellphones in school?

their cool ,and there could always be an emergency!

Should kids have cellphones in school in case of an emergency?

No; or to be more precise, it should be up to their parents as to whether children have cellphones, and up to the school as to whether they are permitted at school or not. Generations of people somehow managed to survive to the age of 18 without cellphones (or, indeed, phones of any sort), so obviously they aren't, strictly speaking, required.

What are good cellphones for 12 year old girl highschooler?

One without text messaging is best if you want the girl to graduate from high school. Cellphones are the single largest distraction for middle school students.

How do you improve safety in the workplace?

One thing that companies/organizations/business owners can do is they can work with OSHA to improve workplace standard and safety. They have a lot of guidelines, rules and training programs that can help ensure health and safety and even improve the overall business system.

How are cellphones good for school?

well phones are not good for you but they can be useful. You can use them for an emergency

What schools allow cellphones in class?

All I know is that fairfield high school does

What are the effects of cellphones to students?

In middle school or high school, a student's life can actually revolve around his/her cellphone.

Why shouldn't students have cell phones during school?

cellphones would destract kids from learning if they had their phones at school

How do cellphones improve the quality of life for people today?

cell phones make it easier to call for help during an emergency

The use of cellphones to improve productivity?

people can get access to the internet and e-mail,read documents and make printouts with the help of their cellphones - and therefore can do admistrative work whilst riding the bus or train Mobile wallet -Customers can pay for goods via cellphones -no need for cash or credit card machines

Does a seat belts improve the safety of cars?

No, it improves the safety of the occupants of the car. Thwere is no doubt that it does.

Advantages of cellphones in schools?

some of the advantages of bringing cellphones to school is...... if you are in school and suddenly there is a typhoon and you need to go home(obviously);you can call your fetchhers when you are sick and need to go home, call your fetchers if there is a emergency, someone can always contact you.

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