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Year? engine size?

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Q: How can change the injector 4 for pick up truck GM sierra?
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What is the gross weight of a 1991 GMC sierra pick up truck?

9600 #

What does a purolator oil filter ppl-24011 fit?

1988 GMC Sierra Pick-up truck

What model year body parts are interchangeable with 1993 GMC Sierra 1500 pick up truck?


What causes the temperature gauge on a 1996 GMC Sierra pick-up truck to not work.?

Could be the coolant temperature sensor.

How do you repair an ignition switch on a 1992 GMC Sierra 1500 pick up truck?

Do you take the steering wheel off to get to the ignition

How do you fix an 85 transmission for a 86 gmc sierra classic 1500 pick up truck?

A 700R4 will bolt right in. A 350 Turbo or 400 Turbo will also bolt right in but you will have to change the drive shaft.

How do you change upper ball joint on a 95 S10 pick up truck 4 cylinder?

how do you change the upper and lower ball joint on a 95 s10 pick up truck 4 cylinder rear wheel drive

How big an engine does a Sierra GMC pick up truck have?

The engine size of a Sierra GMC pick up varies between a 4.3 liter engine to a 6.2 liter engine. This provides just over 400 bhp, and can go 0 to 60 mph in 6.3 seconds.

Where is the fuse for the cigarette lighter located in a 1995 GMC Sierra 1500 pick up truck?

side panel on driver's right by the hinge on open door.

How do you change a tail light on a 1995 Nissan pickup truck?

how do you change the tail lights on a 1996 Nissan pick up?

What is the name of the Pick up truck in the film Cars?

there is no pick up truck in the movie.

Is there an adjustment to change the brake proprtion front to rear or vice-versa on a 2000 GMC Sierra Pick Up?


Is there a place on your 95 gmc sierra 4wd pick up that has the trim name?

There is a place on 95 GMC sierra 4wd pick up that has the trim name and actually it is referred to as Sierra Trim.

How old is your truck truck?

my truck is 1974 ford pick up

Where is the fuel regulator located on a 4.3 liter engine 1996 s-10 pick-up truck?

Under the upper intake manifold. It is attached to the fuel injector poppet bank.

Will a 1990 Nissan 5 speed pick up transmission fit a 1985 truck?

no 84 and 85 change out.

How do you change the fluids on a 1997 Nissan Pickup?

Pick up a Haynes or Chilton manual for your truck and follow their procedures.

How do you change fuel pump on a 1988 dodge ram 150 pick up truck?

Drop the fuel tank

What type of truck did Troy Bolton have?

A pick up truck

How does a throttle on a 1941 Chevy pick you p truck work?

Chevy did not make a pick you p truck in 1941.

What is the average weight a pick up truck can hold?

a pick up truck can hold up to 1000 pounds

Will a 1992 Mazda B2200 pick up truck body be compatible with a 1987 Mazda B2200 pick up truck engine?

The Mazda B2200 truck body did not change much, if at all between 1986 and 1993. There should be no differences in the shape of the engine compartment. -Kyrasis6 Owner of

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Is there a screen in the gas line on a 1998 Chevy truck?

You have a screen on the pick-up tube in the fuel tank, then an in-line fuel filter along the inside left frame rail, then finally each injector has a screen.

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Best Heavy Duty Truck is pick up truck. A pick up truck is usually light in weight but suitable for heavy duty work.