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Q: How can confirmation help a person?
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How can Confirmation help a Catholic person to live in imitation of Jesus?

be born again

Is a sponsor a person who gives spiritual help and encouragement to someone preparing for confirmation?

Yes they do.

What is the name of person preparing for Confirmation?

The Confirmation Candidate.

What are the effects of confirmation to the life of the baptized person?

what are the effects of confirmation to the life of the baptized person

What does confirmation symbolize?

Confirmation symbolizes a person's devotion to God forever.

What does Confirmation celebrate?

In the sacrament of Confirmation, the Holy Ghost is given to the person confirmed.

Why is confirmation a sacrament?

Because during Confirmation, the young person personally takes on the Christian vows made at his/her Baptism. At Confirmation, the young person receives the Gifts Of the Holy Spirit.

Why is confirmation performed?

So that the young person may make his/her own vows at Confirmation.

Who give us confirmation's?

In the catholic religion, confirmation is given to a person by their arch pishop

What is the sacraments of confirmation?

Confirmation is the Sacrament in which the young person receives the Holy Spirit. At Baptism, the child's Godparents made the vows on his/her behalf. At Confirmation, the young person makes the vows for his/herself.

I want confirmation about my ticket can you help me?


Who is the person called in the Sacrament of Confirmation?

i dont know plz help i need for homework The "Pastor" presents the Candidates (confirmandi) to the Bishop who will impart the Sacrament of Confirmation (The sealing with the Holy Spirt) Hope that helps

Person preparing for baptism or confirmation?


Can a divorced person be a confirmation sponsor?

No they cannot.

Can someone help me right a confirmation essay?

Confirmation is all about receiving the Gifts Of the Holy Spirit.

What does confirmation have to do with baptism?

At Confirmation, the young person makes the vows which had been said at his/her own Baptism, for him/herself.

What is the rite of passage for confirmation?

At Confirmation, the young person makes an adult decision to remain a loyal Christian.

Can you make your confirmation online?

No, you must take the classes in person as well as take part in the confirmation at Church.

What do you call the person who has received the sacrament of confirmation?

A person who has received confirmation is called "A Soldier of GOD". He has vowed to defend his God and abide by HIS ruling and commandants.

What the difference between baptized christened and confirmation?

Baptism/Christening takes place when the person is an infant. Confirmation takes place when the person is a young adult.

What do you call a Person who receives Confirmation?

Technically, the word for the person receiving Confirmation is the "confirmand". It is pronounced as con-fir-mand. This term is used for both boys and girls. Laypersons however might simply refer to the person as The Confirmed. Either way is acceptable.

Who can be a sponsor at confirmation?

Usually the young person's godparents.

Who helps a candidate prepare for Confirmation?

The parents and sponsor(s) help prepare the candidate for Confirmation.

What do you celebrate on confirmation?

At Confirmation, we celebrate the young person receiving the Holy Spirit. This is a very sacred time for the young person, as he/she becomes an adult member in the Church.

What do you call someone that is going to be receiving confirmation?

A person who will be receiving the Catholic Sacrament of Confirmation is usually referred to as a Candidate.