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How can domestic robots help us around the house?


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See how they can help u in lawn mowing at


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They can help you around the house and help with many other stuff in and out of a house.

Robots do a lot!! For one thing, they help us (or they will) around the house. They also will help the army, navy, and marines by getting into small places and finding what they need. They will come in all shapes and sizes

Robots are used for industrial purposes, entertainment such as sports and combat, for military use, for medical use, help around the house and to explore dangerous places.

My mother is disabled and I'd like to hire someone to help her around the house. What are good interview questions to ask a domestic cleaning service?

robot help people to do house chores like sweeping floor

Actually, robots help humans plenty right now. Chances are, the car you drive, the food you eat, the clothes you wear, and the medicines you take are manufactured largely or at least partly by robots.Also, household robots are starting to clean floors, mow lawns, and aid the disabled. See the related link about domestic robots.

I think Robots are helpful because they help carry heavy things for the army, and help firefighters put out fires. Robots have one thing in common, they all help humans. Robots can also help find people after an earthquake or a tornado. Robots help people carry things. My opinion is that robots are helpful

Robots help engineers by lifting heavy weights or substances. Robots also help in construction or design of certain delicate things.

Robots were created to help out with things tough for humans.

Robots are used in hospitals to help with surgery!

Tell him if he doesn't help around the house you'll take away his T.V !!(x

the roam (go around) planets. they have a camera attatced to them so that we can see what the 'robot sees. usually we send these 'robots' to space to see if there is any life on planets.

Robots help man with the most dangerous jobs that no human can never do

what a stupid question are robots are evil do you even see any robots you should stop watching action movies in real life robots help ppl gosh

Robots can help humans in any way! In the home, business, factories, and can do the most dangerous jobs that humans cant even do!

Yes every kid helps around the house some how.

it will help us by help. and help us wat we need help on like help. and will help us from yo mamma jokes like help make us lazyer...... that wat robots do make people dumber

things you can do to help around the house are: help vacuum, wash the dishes, mow the lawn, sweep the porch, and much more... once you thing about it, you do it all the time!!

They clean for you, and help with homework, and maybe they make dinner!

The advantage of a robot is that they are very helpful. Its according to what you need to get done like help clean yuo room or yuor house. Who knows?? Maybe it can help you on yuor school work. It depends on its programming.

they help them in their hose hold

i will help make this happen

they are used to help people

You might like this website: Lots of info and a help forum! Good luck!! ps: robots rock!

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