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If floods are a frequent thing, on a long term basis, growing trees may slow down the force of the flow of water. Example- stretches of mangroves prevented damage along Indian coastline during the Tsunami.

The building of gateways, a sluice or a spillway to carry water away from towns/communities will help in preventing a major flood.

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How floods can be prevented?


How floods can be prevented in Pakistan?

By growing trees

How can floods caused by tsunami be prevented in japan?

my girl friend died there oh well there is plenty more in the sea

How do plants prevent floods and soil erosion?

Roots of plants absorb the water. Branches and leaves of rows of trees prevent soil erosion by preventing the hard strike of the rain and winds. The many the trees, the chance is higher that floods and soil erosion are prevented.

What does a flood cause?

usually floods cause a lot of water damage, because of the excess amount of water. this can be prevented by owning a life jacket, or a rather large canoe.

Types of floods?

There are a great many different kinds of floods. There are floods like flash floods and floods like floods of words.

What is the difference between flash floods and floods?

A: floods are just plain floods and flash floods are floods that happen VERY VERY fast. hence the word "flash"

What is the difference between floods and flash floods?

Flash floods are floods that are caused by a storm. Normal floods are caused by non-stop rain.

Are there different types of floods?

1.Flash floods2.River floods3.Coastal floods

How do meteorologists classify floods?

Floods are classified by their likelihood to happen in a given time period, or they classified into 5 categories flash floods,coastal floods, urban floods river floods,and ponding.

How do you say 'floods' in Hindi?

We call floods Barrh.

Interesting fact about floods?

some floods are major and some floods are minor.

What is the facts about floods?

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What are floods that happen suddenly called?

The Floods that happen suddenly are called Flash Floods.

Are there floods in Italy?

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When did floods started?

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It floods a LOT in Alabama.

Who studies floods?

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Can cancer be prevented?

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How do you use dysentery in a sentence?

If we help people build good wells, they are less likely to die of dysentery.He died of dysentery because the floods polluted his well.Modern santitation has prevented dysentery in civilized parts of the world.

What can floods do?

Floods damage property and kill people.

What are the great floods in the northwest known as?

Lahar Floods

What are floods that suddenly happen called?

Flash floods

Does Japan have floods?

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