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They can't, volcanoes can erupt at any time

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Geologists predict volcanic eruptions by monitoring changes in the volcano and the surrounding area. Such changes include buildup of gas, rising magma, and an increase in earthquake activity.

The fact of whether or not geologists can measure or predict a valcano is silly each valcano is different and it is of nature thus there is not way to predict what it will do and when it will do it.

kill a man first and you will know how to predict a volcano

Geologists cannot yet predict earthquakes because they can't be sure when and where stress will be released along a fault.

Geologists study volcanoes in an attempt to predict future eruptions.

People can predict if a volcano will erupt but not when it will erupt.

Geologists cannot yet predict earthquakes because they can't be sure when and where stress will be released along a fault.

by its Shape and type of deposits

one way to predict when a volcano will occur is with the technology scientist use to determine when and where an eruption will occur.

No one can predict.Also, there will be volcano eruptions at volcanoes mostly.

Geologists drilling in the Krafla volcano in Iceland struck upon a high,'The beauty of this is that if we can get superheated steam.

scientists are almost able to predict volcano eruptions because of all the signs we get that we can compare to what has happened before other volcanoes erupted...

geologist can predict earthquakes by the help of stress along a fault and energy along the fault

It is unknown but geologists predict around 150 million years ago

precdiction about the story before

Volcanologists predict eruptions by monitoring the conditions in and around a volcano. They measure the gases, the size and number of earthquakes, and the location of the magma beneath the volcano.

Geologists would be the most likely scientists to predict landslides. Geology is the study of the earth's land structures.

Scientists cannot predict when a volcano will next erupt.

Yes, with a seismograph! It can predict the tectonic plate movements, and sense eruptions!

it helps by being able to predict what happens by whT HAS HAPPENED B EFOR

So that geologist can predict how much force of pressure applied on the faults to predict how strong the earthquake.

After the volcano erupted, geologists carefully monitored subsequent rumblings.

Because I am imbued with magmatic foresight.

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